WP-Members™ Translations

WP-Members™ has been translated into a number of languages.  This page will always have the most recent versions of any translation files that I have as well as the most recent POT.  The most recent version number will be indicated.  While there have been some changes along the way since 2.4, translation files should be fairly compatible with minimal changes.

If you need to update a file, I would suggest that you use Poedit.

If you are unfamiliar with localization, review this information at the Codex.

Most recent POT


Current Translations


WP-Members™ 2.7.0


WP-Members™ 2.4 by Aurelio Pons

Brazilian Portuguese

WP-Members™ 2.4 by Djohnson M. Lima


WP-Members™ 2.7.1 by Leonardo Agostini


WP-Members™ 2.7.4 by Frank


WP-Members™ 2.5 by Peter Remnemark


WP-Members™ 2.6.4 by Mikael Boldt


WP-Members™ 2.5.0


WP-Members™ 2.5.4 by Ian Leiman


WP-Members™ 2.5.0 by Piotr Grzeslak


WP-Members™ 2.7.5 by Dmitrii Krasnov


WP-Members™ by Outshine Solutions


WP-Members™ by B. Radenovich (Web Hosting Watch)


WP-Members™ 2.8 by Borisa Djuraskovic (Web Hosting Hub)

If you have created translations for WP-Members™ that you would like to share with the community, feel free to contact me via the contact page and I would be happy to add them here.

Note: if you are loading a translation on a site that has already had WP-Members™ installed, you’ll need to force the translated field names into the database.  That process is described in this post.

  • Doriano Maria

    here new WP-Members 2.7.1. ITAlanguage:


    Have fun bros.

    • orygamy

      very good!
      forza italiaaaaaaaaaa

    • Doriano Maria

      It WORKS ALSO IN 2.7.2. .


  • Doriano Maria

    Italian 2.7.1. works also in 2.7.2

  • http://naestved-juniorgolf.dk Jes

    Every time I update the plugin, my translation files are deleted and the language is back to english. Then I have to copy the language-files again and set $chk_force= true, deactivate/activate and we are back to danish. But.. now all my custom fields are gone :-(

    How do I keep my translation and my custom fields when I update the plugin ?

    • http://butlerblog.com Chad

      Jes – when you upgrade the plugin, you should only be reloading your translation files. You should not be repeating the $chk_force process. That is a one-time process when you first install the plugin and is only to force in the translated field names. Once those are in there, you don’t have to do it again. The upgrade process does not effect this as it intentionally does not do anything to the fields array in the database.

      Your alternative process would be to deactivate the plugin, ftp file transfer the upgrade files, then reactivate the plugin. Only when you use the WP automatic upgrade are files deleted from the plugin directory.

      • http://naestved-juniorgolf.dk Jes

        How do I reload my translation files ?

        • http://butlerblog.com Chad

          You can just ftp them to the plugin’s /lang/ folder.

  • http://Swedpos.se/dev Oskar


    I can’t seem to change the value of the “Submit” and “Clear Form” buttons to my local language (Swedish). Where am I not looking?

    I’d also like to provide some updated Swedish language files, where do I email them?

    • http://Swedpos.se/dev Oskar

      Hi again… Is it possible to translate the “close” and “print” tags in the TOS?

      I’d be very appreciative of any help!

      // Oskar

      • http://butlerblog.com Chad

        All of the strings that you mentioned can be localized. If you are not finding them, it may be that you are working from an older .pot file (I notice the one linked on this page is not necessarily the most current – so I have updated that to link to the plugin repository file so it will be the version included in the download). If you use the file that is included in the download, that will be the one that have been most recently compiled.

        • http://Swedpos.se/dev Oskar

          Excellent Chad. Thank you!

          I’d be happy to provide the updated language files.

  • http://comingsoon Doriano

    For all the entire zip of 2.7.4 release candidate including italian language for manual installation.
    Disactivate plugin from dashboard / plugin in your WP, you can delete entire directory and replace all with included content of zip file. In alternative, when you automatically upgrade WP-MEMBERS PLUGIN, you may only ftp copy italian files from lang directory of plugin into same dir of your hosting site.
    Here link to download:

    Many thanks to Chad for his excellent job. Best regards

  • http://www.thesolver.it Doriano

    Sorry for the incovenience.
    I’ve upgraded my new wp site and so links are dead.
    For all italians WP-Members users now is available new link to download
    The WP-Members RC 2.7.4 both in complete version with integrated IT lang or only languages files in .zip

    Here link:

    Have fun

    • http://www.thesolver.it Doriano

      Now download is free without registration to my site. Enjoy.
      But if you can, please .. register.

      Many thanks

      Italians: Il download dei files di lingua o il plugin completo della 2.7.4 Rc adesso lo potete scaricare liberamente senza necessità di registrazione al sito. Ma se potete registrarvi o stesso…. può solo compiacermi. Grazie a tutti.


      • http://www.thesolver.it Doriano

        These Files work well also in Final 2.7.4 Version.
        Best wishes

        • Marco De Veglia

          Ho mandato a Chad la versione localizzata (per la 2.7.4) il 7 maggio, piu’ o meno nello stesso periodo in cui l’hai mandata tu. Ho pero’ il problema che ho un’installazione di WP in inglese e quindi non me la prende. Come faccio a italianizzare l’installazione cosi mi prende i lang? Thanks bro.

          • http://www.thesolver.it Doriano

            Non si deve fare altro che copiare manualmente i files della lingua, nella dir lang del plugin. Usare una connessione ftp oppure se su dominio auruba, si può dal pannello di controllo /file manager del sito su aruba. Disattivare e riattivare il plugin per vedere tutto funzionare. Ancora vedo funzionanyte il file della 2.7.4 anche sulla 2.7.5
            Per qualunque probl, può contattarmi. Spero di essere stato utile. A presto.

  • http://Translationfiles weilhalt

    I cant get the translation files to work. I tried several options (delete plugin, force installation, activate/deactivate) but it never changes the language to DE. These files are in wp-members\lang: wp-members.pot, wp-members-de_DE.po, wp-members-de_DE.mo. Although I followed your instruction for already installed plugin, there is No change in language or any change at all. When I look to the database I also cannot find any changes. Do I have to do anything else to get it work?

    Any ideas, please?

    • http://butlerblog.com Chad

      Are you running a translated version of WordPress? (Specifically, de_DE version?)

      • http://Translationfiles weilhalt

        No, I dont.

        • http://Translationfiles weilhalt

          Installed Plugins:
          Change Request
          Contact Form 7
          Contact Form to DB Extension
          Get The Image
          TimThumb Vulnerability Scanner
          U-Design Shortcode Insert Button

          • http://butlerblog.com Chad

            The plugins don’t matter. The fact that you are not running a translated version of WP that matches what you are trying to load for WP-Members is why it doesn’t work.

  • http://secularbuddhism.org.nz Bruce Staples

    Hi Chad,
    Thanks for this *very nice* plug-in, just the ticket!
    I have made a localising file for my site, to change the various prompts from “user” (ugg!) to “member”.
    I used an -nz_NZ translation (New Zealand). It was all flowing nicely until I upgraded to 2.7.4 … then two things:
    1) .po * .mo files dissapeared from plugin/lang directory (even tough the .pot file has not changed)
    Where do you suggest I place these to protect them from updates …( wp-content/languages directory does not work).
    2) (small grumble) You changed “Existing users Login” (wp-members-dialogs.php:49) to “Existing Users Login” without updating the .pot file.
    Keep up the good work!

  • http://atelier17a.ch David Christie

    Hi Chad

    There still seem to be bits of text that are not internationalised. I took the v2.5 .PO/.MO files from here and added the latest .POT definitions, but there are still items in English. I’m trying to get everything into German.

    Perhaps you have missed a few. An example is the text “SUBMIT” on a button or the heading “Existing Users Login”, or the text “Forgot? Register” in the widget.

    Thanks for any hints, David

    • http://fmrnet.info/ Frank

      hi David,
      I dont know why Chad doesnt publish the newest translation files. I already sent the version de_DE for 2.7 , where I added some missed or new phrases. BTW, compare my comment from 15th January this year, which is about a simple translation method you can do really easy for yourself.

      • http://butlerblog.com Chad

        Frank and David,

        Yes, I’ll take the responsibility for that. Sadly, translations have taken a back seat to pushing development on the plugin forward. On a positive note, the changes lately have been minimal and I don’t foresee much in terms of future versions that is going to change most of the strings.

        I will make it a priority to get caught up on the translations that have been sent and posted, and will likely be adding these to the download.

  • http://atelier17a.ch David Christie

    A simple solution would be to include all translation files along with the distribution: they are after all not enormous!

    The latest German version posted on the official page (“http://butlerblog.com/wp-members/wp-members-translations/”) is v2.5. Frank – where are your v2.7 files?

    By the way, there is an issue in German, that some people want a “Sie” version and some want a “du” version. Similar problem with many other languages. So far, I didn’t see a standard solution to that particular problem



    • http://fmrnet.info/ Frank

      You can download the latest German language files (vers 2.7.4) here:
      If there are any questions, please contact me through my site.


      • Alex

        Hallo Frank,

        kannst du die Übersetzung auch in “Sie”-Form, anstelle von “du”, anbieten?

        der Alex

        • http://fmrnet.info/ Frank

          Derzeit habe ich nur die Du-Form, ist aber kein Problem (nur Zeitfrage) auch eine Sie-Form zu machen. Kontaktiere mich diesbezueglich ueber meine Webseite.
          Gruss, Frank

  • Marcelo Paoli

    Hi Chad, just sent you the pt_BR translation. Would you make it available thru the website or do you prefer i post a link to the files here? Also noticed that in the “WP-Members Users” screen, the new export functions are not translated, like “all”, “not exported”, “This button exports the full user…”, “Username”, “Name”, “Export All Users”, “Total users”… . I’m using the “CodeStyling Localization” plugin for the translations. Thanks

  • Marcelo Paoli

    Also, forgot to mention that i needed to change the line 67 in wp-members.php from:

    load_plugin_textdomain( ‘wp-members’, false, dirname( plugin_basename( __FILE__ ) ) . ‘/lang/’ )


    add_action(‘init’, ‘members_textdomain’);
    function members_textdomain() {
    load_plugin_textdomain( ‘wp-members’, false, dirname( plugin_basename( __FILE__ ) ) . ‘/lang/’ );

    to make the translation work. Does that still there on purpose?

    • http://butlerblog.com Chad

      Hi Marco – thanks for sending this translation – I will get it added to the site. I appreciate your efforts.

      There should be no need to make the change you indicated here. The load_plugin_textdomain function should fire appropriately as it is. But I will review this and if it does need to be changed in the plugin, I’ll change it.

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  • http://findadventure.ru Dmitrii Krasnov

    Hi all.

    Here is the Russian translation for WP-Members:

    with best wishes, DK

    • http://butlerblog.com Chad

      Thanks for your efforts Dmitrii!

  • Kitka

    Hello Chad,

    Thanks so much for your plugin. I am trying to use it on a website that is aimed at a Spanish audience and I am struggling to get the plugin to display in Spanish. I wonder if you have a link to a page with really simple step-by-step instructions for a noob like me?

    I have installed the latest version of the plugin (2.7.5) and the latest version of WordPress (3.4.1) and I have gone to Settings and edited all the Fields, Dialogs and Emails to Spanish.

    I did the change on the wp-members-install.php file ($chk_force == true) but I’m still getting English in the web page.

    I hope you can help.



    • Kitka

      oh, one more bit of info I left off…. I do not want to use WordPress in Spanish (ie the Dashboard area) because my Spanish is just barely OK but I’m doing the work for someone who speaks Spanish. So I don’t want to change the entire installation to Spanish, just the WP-Members functions as they appear on the web page!

      • http://butlerblog.com Chad

        I was about to answer your original question, and then I saw this which actually answers your problem – The plugin will only be localized based on the WP installation – you would have to be running WordPress in the same language.

  • gue

    After changing some content in the .mo file and updating the file on ther server it still shows up the old translation. Is ther somthing else to do to get the file wirking?
    thanks for help, gue

  • thesab

    first of all thank you chad for that really nice plugin !!
    I am using the french version of wp-members and I can see some terms are not translated. For example on the login page, I got:

    Existing Users Login
    Nom d’Utilisateur
    Mot de Passe Se souvenir de moi

    Enregistrer un nouvel utilisateur
    Choisissez un Nom d’utilisateur*
    First Name*
    Last Name*

    So as you can see it is a mix of english and french.
    I tried to fix it myself by downloading the latest .pot file available but there are no new entries requesting translations.

    Any idea how I can fix that ??

    thank you in advance

    • http://butlerblog.com Chad

      If you are loading a translation on a site that has already had WP-Members™ installed, you’ll need to force the translated field names into the database. That process is described in this post.

      If you’ve updated the translation file for anything that is one of the fields names, you would also need to complete that process.

      • thesab

        Thank you Chad it worked !
        Everything is translated now expect one sentence.
        I checked the .po file and I can see that sentence is fuzzy. If I validate it and then export the resulting .mo file and finally redo the above step, is it gonna fix it?
        In other word is that normal that fuzzy translation are not picked up?
        thank you again for your help …

        • thesab

          I just tried and it did work.

          Thank you

      • Rob

        I have the same problem as above and while I did everything as you explained I still have “existing user login” and “new user, click here to register” not translated.. Everything else including the fields is translated.
        Any ideas?

  • http://www.cmpmanagement.co.th/karnkanok5/th Ana

    Hi Chad,

    Some great fixes here – I have managed to follow all advice and translate the entire plugin into Thia except for ‘Clear Form’ ‘Submit’ and ‘Required Field’ – I have located these in wp-members-deprecated.php and changed them to Thai:


    * ‘ . __(‘ เขตข้อมูล’, ‘wp-members’) . ‘

    But it is not making any difference…

    Please advise if there is a step(s) I missing out on here.


    Ana :-)

    • http://butlerblog.com Chad

      Hi Ana,

      Thanks for your efforts!

      Are you translating in the POT file or the plugin files directly? What you have posted above looks like you are translating the plugin files directly (which is not what you want to do).

  • http://www.cmpmanagement.co.th/karnkanok5/th Ana

    I meant, of course, Thai language…

  • http://www.cmpmanagement.co.th/karnkanok5/th Ana

    Yes – I am going into the files direct as I could not find a Thai translation… sorry… is there somewhere I can read about how to do it another way? Almost there now however… just 3 little words – I have actually translated 6 sites in this same way! Oops?

    • http://fmrnet.info/ Frank

      Hi Ana,
      the simplest way to to translate WP-members in any language or to complete it if there are missing translated text strings is to use the Codestyling Localization Plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/codestyling-localization/).
      How it works is described by the author here: http://www.code-styling.de/english/development/wordpress-plugin-codestyling-localization-en
      I use it for all my translations and it works very good.

    • http://butlerblog.com Chad

      The problem with editing the files directly is that you would have to do that everytime there is an upgrade. That’s a huge amount of unnecessary work for you.

      The plugin is already set up to be localized. Since there is not a Thai translation, what you want to do is work from the POT file (Portable Object Template) found in the /lang/ folder. This is a template to start a new translation – it contains all of the strings in the plugin that would need to be translated. This allows you to create a PO file and an MO file for your translation.

      I would suggest reviewing the following:

      There is a list of translation tools in that article. Personally, I prefer Poedit (poedit.net)

  • http://www.cmpmanagement.co.th/karnkanok5/th Ana

    Thank you Doriano,

    I have had the whole thing professionally translated for the uses of our company so best not to use any other translation.

    I will have to do as Franks suggests but would rather revisit this later and complete it as I have started – frustrating that those last 3 words won’t be changed even though I have changed them in the file!

    • http://butlerblog.com Chad

      frustrating that those last 3 words won’t be changed even though I have changed them in the file!

      This is a perfect example of why you should NOT make changes directly in the plugin – you are not familiar enough with the plugin at the code level to know where to make these changes. The submit/clear/required that you changed are not in the correct place, which is why you are not seeing any change.

      The plugin is developed to be localized using gettext (just like WordPress). You should be working with a translation file. If there isn’t one in your language, a POT template is provided to set one up.

  • http://www.apoto.com Vikas

    Its nice to see some of the language support which make it unique and more useful in compare of other wp plugins. Thanks for sharing it

  • Ness

    I have been using another translation tool and I really recommend it, as an alternative to Poedit that doesn’t need to be downloaded and it has very useful features: https://poeditor.com/

  • Rob

    Hi, I already have the language files in my language folder. How do I activate the specific language please?

    • http://butlerblog.com Chad

      You need to be running a translated version of WP for the plugin to load the translation.

  • http://mathdl.ir karim mohammadi

    hello. i have installed wp-member. how can i reload any language? my wordpress language is english.

    • http://butlerblog.com Chad

      You have to be running the plugin and WP in the same language