WP-Members FAQs

I activated the plugin and went to test it and it didn’t block my post?

Make sure you log out of the admin before you test.  If you are logged in as admin, you will be able to click through to view the post.  (To know if you are logged in, we suggest using the WP-Members login widget, included in the installation. However, you must have the widgets plugin and a widget enabled theme to use this feature.)

Also, for posts, be sure you are using the `<!–more–>` tag.  The blocking only takes place on single posts.  Without this tag, a full post would display on your home page or on an archive/category page.

Check your settings for both posts and pages. The default installation is to block posts by default but not pages.

How can I show the login status on the sidebar?

If your theme is widget enabled, activate the widgets plugin, then add the WP-Members widget to your sidebar.  If you do not have widgets, you can call the function by adding this to your sidebar:

&lt;?php wpmem_inc_sidebar(); ?&gt;

I’m really only using this to add user fields and have the login integrated into the site. I would rather that posts be unblocked by default.  How do I do that?

WP-Members gives you the ability to change the settings for how the plugin blocks content.  The default setting is to block posts and allow individual posts to be set to unblock at the post level.  You can change this setting so that all posts will be viewable by default.  If you then have a post that you want blocked to registered members only, you can set the post to block at the post level.

How do I block (or unblock) an individual post (or page)?

If you are using the default settings (as mentioned above), and you have a post that you want to be unblocked (viewable by any user, not just logged in users), on the Edit Post page add a Custom Field with the name “unblock” and set the value to “true” or “1” (either will work).  This post will be now be viewable by anyone.  If you have set WP-Members to unblock by default and you want to block an individual post, use a Custom Field with the name “block” and set the value to “true” or “1”.  Important: custom fields are case-sensitive!  Be certain that you use all lowercase or it will not work.

How to I change the registration fields that are used and which ones are required?

These settings can be managed on the WP-Members admin panel found under Settings > WP-Members

Where do I find the users registration information?

WP-Members was designed to fully integrate with WordPress to allow maximum compatibility not only with WP, but also with other plugins that rely on WP user registration information, such as discussion forums, email newsletters, etc.  The user information is in the main WP users page under Users > Users, then click “Edit” under an individual user.  Any non-native WP fields (WP-Members custom fields) are added to the bottom of this page and are fully editable.  (Note: if you don’t have any registered users yet, i.e. a clean install, these fields will not display until there is data in them.)

New in 2.5: There is now a WP-Members bulk user edit panel where you can see a list of users, view key details such as email, phone, and country, as well as do bulk activations and exports.  This is found under the WP Users menu: Users > WP-Members.  For bulk user export, WP-Members keeps track of users that are exported so that you don’t have to export the full user list just to get a few new subscribers, but you can also export the full list.

Users are not being emailed their passwords, what is wrong?

WP-Members uses the native WP function wp_mail to email passwords. This is the same function the WP uses if you are using the WP registration process. If it’s not configured properly or for some other reason not working, neither will WP-Members’ registration process.

You can test this process by creating a new user via the WP admin panel. Go to Users > Add New in the menu and create a new user. Make sure when you do this “Send this password to the new user by email” is checked. If you do not get an email, then wp_mail is not working. If that is the case, you are probably going to have to do some troubleshooting to fix it. Try the WP support forums for this: http://wordpress.org/tags/wp_mail

Can I change the email address that messages are mailed from?

Most people are unaware that WP-Members uses the native function wp_mail, and that wp_mail sends messages from [email protected]  But it is easy to override this.  You can do it with a couple of filters added to your functions.php file or you can do it with a plugin.

Can I customize the way the login and registration forms look?

Yes! You can specify a custom style sheet for the default login and registration forms. These forms are tabless and customizable using CSS.

CSS can be applied to the legacy forms, but must be applied via an outside stylesheet (such as your theme), and since the forms are table-based, the customization options are limited.

The login and registration fields overlap my theme pages. How can I fix that?

WP-Members includes a default stylesheet that was developed using the (formerly) default TwentyTen theme.  Depending on the theme you are using, this may not fit your theme right out of the box. But the forms have been developed to be very flexible by relying on CSS for their layout (see above).  If you have issues of overlap or other issues with the form layout, these are addressed by customizing the CSS.

Can I customize the plugin?

It is not recommended to make direct code changes as they would need to be reimplemented in the event of a plugin upgrade.

I only want the login form to show in place of protected content and have a separate registration page. How can I do that?

If you turn off the registration in the plugin options, the registration form will not show on protected content posts/pages or the members area. Specify a registration page following the plugin instructions and set this page’s location in the plugin settings.

I need customized registration fields. How can I add/subtract fields?

The registration fields used by the plugin are stored in an array in the WP options table. NEW in version 2.6: New text, text area, and checkbox fields can be added in the Fields admin panel in the plugin’s settings menu. Alternatively, a description of how to customize the fields programmatically is available in this post.


  1. says

    I want to be able to move the logout to a tab labelled ‘Logout’. Been researching this for 4-5 hours and nothing seems to work. Any suggestions? Any shortcodes?

    The plugin is tremendous and we will be donating when the site is up and running–the URL is currently a development site that will replace another, antiquated site we have.



    • says

      You can create a logout by appending the querystring a=logout to any url. Generally, you could just do it to the home page (and/or site url) http://yourdomain.com/?a=logout

      The WP-Members logout function will drop users at the home page. If you need that to be something else, there is a filter you can hook into like this:

      add_filter( 'wpmem_logout_redirect', 'my_logout_redirect' );
      function my_logout_redirect()
      	// return the url that the logout should redirect to
      	return 'http://yourdomain.com/your-page';
      • says

        Hello their,

        I have the same problem like Chad. So I’am really not technical, but to setup the plugin was even something I can do.
        My question is where I have to put the code like you explain to Chad ?
        You can really find everything in the Guide, but not where to put this code.

        My second problem is : When people come on a blocked page and they click, the registration form come up! In my case, once the plugin is setup and I can start to sell my product, the registration form only have to show when they paid.

        I hope you can help me.



        • says

          On the first question – any filter or action hooks that you use go in your theme functions.php file. Alternatively, these can go also in the wp-members-pluggable.php file if you are using one.

          As for your second question, you can turn off the registration form display in the plugin’s setting. Depending on how you want your process to flow, I would say that you could set up a registration page using the register shortcode and direct people there to register.

  2. says

    For the life of me, I cannot get the registration form to appear! I have read through all the materials and I still can’t figure this out. Please help. Many thanks.

  3. says

    hi, am use this plugin,but how to send user password to the user after user done registrations. am done all settings but there is no work………..?
    plz replay.

    • says

      The password is sent automatically, unless you have the plugin configured for the user to choose their own password and registrations must be approved. If that is your configuration, you must change the default emails to send the password at registration, not the one that is sent when the user is approved.

    • says

      Some people have indicated that they have been able to use it in multisite, and others have run into problems. Either way, I don’t have it supported at this time (not to say I won’t in the future, but the current project list is pretty full up). So… you’ll need to try it out for your particular situation and if it works, that’s great! If not, at least it doesn’t cost you anything but your time 😉

  4. says

    Hi Chad, does this plugin support restricting particular categories to logged in users only. I want that all the posts in a particular category be visible only to the logged in users.

    Also, would need an excerpt to be visible to all and full post to members. Does this plugin do that. Regrds.

  5. says

    I have all the fields made.

    How do I embed this form in any of my wordpress page?
    I use [wp members regsiter] something like this , but this shows up the default wordpress register.

    I instead want to show it on one of my pages (embedded)

    Any help?

    • says

      The plugin puts the login and registration form in place of blocked content automatically. If you want to set up a registration page, you can embed the form using the [wp-members page=”register”] shortcode. Please refer to the Quick Start Guide or the Users Guide for more information.

  6. says

    Hi Chad,

    Firstly, thank you for a superb plugin that was easy enough for non-technical people like me to understand.

    I installed WP-Members on a client’s website last year as a means for them to capture user details. All was working brilliantly until earlier this year until my client (against my advice) decided to update all WordPress plugins (now WP-Members 2.7.5), plus WordPress itself to version 3.4.

    Now, new users no longer get a confirmation email when registering through http://www.whitesales.co.uk/register/ – is this as a result of the update?

    I’ve tried your tip about registering as a new user through wp-admin (and have checked the send confirmation email box) and unfortunately don’t get the confirmation email.

    QnD wp_mail filter (v1) and WP-Mail-SMTP (v0.9.1) plugins are installed.

    I’m a designer, so am not that technically savvy, so any help or guidance you have will be much appreciated.

    Many thanks and kind regards,

    Phil Chandler

  7. Fiona says

    This is such a great plugin! I have only recently started using it, and had marked certain registration fields as ‘required’ so that people had to fill them in. However, is there a way of matching what’s entered into these required fields to a list I have? For example, if I have a list of offsite members with a membership number, can I set a registration field to match these membership numbers? This would then prevent every Tom, Dick and Harry from trying to register as they’d be greeted with a message along the lines of ‘Your membership number is incorrect’ and wouldn’t be able to proceed with registration. Alternatively, is there a way to set up a ‘Registration not accepted’ email, for those users who don’t end up being activated.

    I’m really not technical at all, but I love how easy the plugin is to use, customise and set up!

    • says

      There is hook in the registration action that would allow you to have additional validation on the registration info, but you’d need to have some technical php skills to access that level of flexibility.

      • Fiona says

        Ah, I see – no worries, I just haven’t been activating the users who aren’t members of our group! My php skills are pretty much non-existant, so I don’t think I’ll do any messing around.

        Thanks for the speedy response!

  8. says

    Hi. I asked a question a few days ago. Thank you very much for the excellent and speedy feedback!
    I have two more questions re wp-members before I can beta launch my website:

    1. Whereas my “login” and “profile” pages work perfectly, the fields of the “register” page seem inactive (http://www.waziproject.com/register/). I can not click in them, write in them, submit them… I can not use the dropdown lists, etc… These fields do work when they appear in combination with the “login” fields in the “profile page”… (http://www.waziproject.com/profile/) Also, when I’m logged in, a line appears through some of the words when I’m on the “register” page, I cannot select the content to copy and “click here to log out” and “begin using the site” are unclickable…

    2. I created archive pages for some of the content on my website. I would also like to protect this and make it only accessible when logged in. However, the archives are based on categories… (http://www.waziproject.com/category/research-dossier/) and I can’t seem to block this content.

    Thank you ever so much in advance for your help.
    Kindest Regards,

    • says

      With your first issue, I can’t tell you exactly what the problem is, but there seems to be some type of a focus issue in Firefox. It works fine in IE. These forms have been tested in IE, FF, and Chrome, so there is something in your theme or another plugin that is causing a conflict.

      With your question about blocking archive/categories, if you want nothing to show (as opposed to showing just titles and excerpts as the plugin does by default), you could edit your archive template to display content based on user login, such as:

      < ?php if( is_user_logged_in() ) { // user is logged in, display the WP Loop } else { // user is not logged in, display some other message // perhaps direct to login/registration } ?>

      Hope that helps.

      • says

        Thanks a million!
        In order to fix the first issue I decided to revert to the default wp-members combined login/registration page… Somehow I’m not managing. I removed the “Register Page URL” in the settings, I removed the registration page from my WP pages, I removed the register link and I deactivated and reactivated the WP-members plugin… None of it seems to ensure that the login/registration page features both login and register fields.
        Any ideas? I sincerely hope that this will have been the last time I had to disturb you.

        • says

          If you are using the page shortcodes ([wp-members page=”login”] / [wp-members page=”register”]), those are one per page and are for those specific functions only, so if that is what we are talking about, you won’t ever have both on a single page. The members area page will show both as long as you haven’t turned off the registration option in the plugin.

  9. says

    I am trying to set up a log-in for only page on the site. I would like to assign everyone the same Username and Password. Is this possible? Thanks!

    • says

      If you intend to have other data tied to the account (such as the person’s email, etc) then no. Usernames must be unique. If you intend to just create a single user (such as “guest”) and give that information out to everyone, then yes.

  10. Carl says


    I want to use a widget to list the titles of most recent posts, within a category, on my home page. I want everyone, including non members, to be able to see these titles on the home page, but I want users to have to login or be logged in to go through and read the entire post.

    Kind of like baiting and encouraging non members to join.

    Is this possible?

    • Carl says

      Ok. I found it in the user manual. I think this is what I’m after.

      Something that is important to note about posts is that there are many places that a post can show up. There are theme pages, such as the home page, archive, and search, that will show either full articles or excerpts, depending on whether you define an excerpt or not. You can define an excerpt either using the excerpt field in the post editor, or you can use what is known as the ‘more’ tag.

      Either of these methods will cause WP to only display a “teaser” of your content on one of these summary pages rather than full content. In order to protect posts, WP-MembersTM requires that you use an excerpt, preferably by use of the ‘more’ tag. In this way, your specified excerpt will display to anyone on the summary pages, but a registered user must be logged in to view the full content.

  11. Leif says

    Hi. I want the entire site to be for members only. I want the login/registration in the beginning and to block all content. I don’t see the settings to do that. Can you please advise?


  12. says

    Can this plugin be used in registering a member without them having an access with the WP dashboard? I just want members to have their separate page where they can change their information without going to the wordpress site dashboard. And like others, they can also comment on discussion forums.
    Thank you!!

    • says

      Yes, the registration process is in the site front end. While it does not use the dashboard, it does not automatically restrict access to the dashboard. If you want to restrict access to the dashboard, there are many code snippets floating around that will help you do that.

  13. says

    How can I hide a search result page meaning search result page is only viewable by members who registered instead they will see a registration form like the more tag , i added <?php content but didn't work

  14. Nic Jennings says

    Hi There,

    I am using your plugin and I think it is great, however I would like to be able to notify users/subscribers when a post is added to the restricted area/category.

    Is there a way I can make this happen, I can write one which notifies all subscribers but I want to use the sign up field from WP-MEMBERS to select who gets the email for each category.


    • says

      If you are able to write a script to notify all subscribers, it would just be a matter of adding an additional condition to your process. If you added a field in the registration form for notification, that would stored in the usermeta table and the value can be retrieved with get_user_meta().

  15. martin eikelboom says

    installed plugin wp-members 2.7.5
    after logging in as a user, I am not redirected to a page, but get a blank screen. I have to hit enter again to get the page. Is there some setting I am missing?

    • says

      You’ve got something in your theme or another plugin that is interfering with the login/redirect process. To track down something like that, you need to deactivate plugins to test and if all plugins are deactivated and it still does it, test with the default theme. My guess is a caching plugin.

  16. LupoBello says

    Blocked Blog page shows page of blocked posts.

    Every other page works correctly but any page containing posts shows the registration form for ALL posta (as opposed to only once for the page).

    See http://mosaicforum.com/blogdummycontainer

    I don’t think this is the intended behaviour. What could be causing this?

  17. says

    Hi Chad

    WP Members is a really well designed plugin. It’s being really useful.

    But it’s not working right for me. When the login/register prompt comes up on a blocked page it does not show an option to reset the password for users who have forgotten theirs.

    See here http://www.innovationlabs.org.uk/grants/

    Please can you help?


    • says

      Hi Joe – the password reset feature is part of the members area page created with the members-area shortcode. If you set up this page and enter the URL of that page in the plugin’s options, that will put a forgot password link in all of the login forms. (Likewise, if you set up an optional registration page with the register shortcode and put that URL in the plugin’s options, a register link will also show in all of the login forms.)

      Hope that helps.

  18. says

    Hi Chad,
    Love the plugin it’s pretty awesome. I’m having issues though with the filter hook

    when I insert this in the functions.php my site basically crashes, and I can’t find wp-members-pluggable.php anywhere to put it in there. Not sure what to do, because I want the people that sign up to be redirected to the Members Area.
    I’m lost on what to do lol

  19. says

    Ok I got it to not crash or blow up on me, but when I login it just stays on the login page and is not redirecting to the members-area page. Bahh! lol

    • says

      Not 100% sure which filter hook you are talking about – I assume it is wpmem_login_redirect?

      Make sure you are formatting things correctly:

      add_filter( 'wpmem_login_redirect', 'my_login_redirect' );
      function my_login_redirect() 
      	// return the url that the login should redirect to
      	return 'http://yourdomain.com/your-page';
  20. says

    Ahh I must have put some extra stuff in it. It works great! Thanks. One other thing. If I want a page to show up in the navigation only when they are logged in how do I do that?
    Like if a user is not a member they won’t see Members Area on the navigation bar, but if they are members then they can see it(it just appears after logging in)

  21. Jasper says

    Hi Chad,

    I am wondering where is the piece of code which ask for login when you view a block page/post?

    I have a forum plugin which requires login. If I click the login button it redirects me to wp-login.
    I want to use the WP-Members login interface instead of that.

    I tried to redirect the login to the “member” page, which also able to do what I want, to ask for a login. However, it redirects back to the “member” page instead of the forum.

    So I am wondering, if I can redirect the login button to the block post/page code, then once I click the login button, it ask for “existing user login” or “new user register’, and when login is complete it redirects back to the forum.

    Hope you understood what I meant.

    Thank you

    • says

      I think you might want to set up a login page using the [wp-members page=”login”] shortcode and direct to that. The one catch is that the WP-Members login (whether you are using it from a shortcode or from a blocked page) doesn’t currently handle a redirect directly. (The wp-login.php can be passed a page as a parameter to redirect back to.) I plan to add that feature in the future, but for now, if you wanted to login and redirect back you could use the wpmem_login_redirect filter hook. You would need to work out something like:

      add_filter( 'wpmem_login_redirect', 'my_redirect' );
      function my_redirect()
        // you'd need something here to determine if the user is coming from your forum
        if( $some_test ) {
          // put where they should be redirected back to in $url
          return $url;