WP-Members 2.7.1 beta release

I have finished a release candidate for WP-Members 2.7.1 that is ready for public testing.  As previously announced, this update has a number of fixes and improvements.

The WP-Members 2.7.1 beta rc4 can be downloaded here.

Here is a list of what is included in this version:  [Read more…]

WP-Members 2.7.1 and new code cross reference

As always, releasing a set of new features results in the need for some fixes.  2.7.0 is no exception.  I am working on a fix release which will be 2.7.1.  This will include a rebuild of the default email content installation, as well as the following:  [Read more…]

WP-Members 2.7.0 email issues

The WP-Members 2.7.0 release introduced a major new feature to the plugin that was driven entirely by user request – admin customizable email messages for the various emails that are sent out by the plugin.  If you are running 2.7, you will notice the addition of an email tab in the plugin’s admin panel.   [Read more…]