Improve the user experience for comments

This past weekend I spent a considerable amount of time reworking the way WP-Members handles comments. That led to an exhaustive Internet search during which I learned a lot more about the various WordPress comment functions.  My research included reviewing how some other plugins hook into the comment system. That process uncovered a number of plugins I’d like to take a further look at simply for enhancing the user experience here on this site.  [Read more…]

New Quick Start Guide for WP-Members

Well, I’ve finally been able to get a new Quick Start Guide together for WP-Members. The re-do has been pending for awhile because I knew there would be a new admin interface with the upcoming WordPress 3.2 release scheduled for the end of this month.  It always seems like when I spend the time to do a set of screen shots for something like this, that is when there is a big change to the admin theme.   [Read more…]

Modify the ‘more’ link – removing the anchor link

You have a blog running WordPress.  You like to use the ‘more’ link for post excerpts, but you have ads running at the top of the page and the ‘more’ link puts in an anchor by default that takes the user lower on the page.  How can you remove the anchor so the user goes right to the top of the page?  [Read more…]

Correction on WP-Members 2.5.2 release

Well, it’s upgrade time once again.  And that is the time that I get the most feedback from users as to what went wrong with the upgrade 😉  Fortunately, I have understanding and appreciative users and I do my best to be responsive to that.  And I do my best to get things fixed as quickly as possible.  [Read more…]