WP-Members 2.7.1 and new code cross reference

As always, releasing a set of new features results in the need for some fixes.  2.7.0 is no exception.  I am working on a fix release which will be 2.7.1.  This will include a rebuild of the default email content installation, as well as the following:  [Read more…]

WP-Members 2.7.0 email issues

The WP-Members 2.7.0 release introduced a major new feature to the plugin that was driven entirely by user request – admin customizable email messages for the various emails that are sent out by the plugin.  If you are running 2.7, you will notice the addition of an email tab in the plugin’s admin panel.   [Read more…]

Plugin Review: WpSubscribers

WpSubscribers is a WordPress plugin that offers you an easy way to build your opt-in list. With it, you can easily add a variety of pop-ups, modals, and other forms to offer a signup form linked to your email list.  Unlike other popup plugins, this plugin also allows you the ability to add an embedded form in your content pages without resorting to a popup.  [Read more…]

WP-Members 2.6.6 bug fix release and 2.7 announcement

Well, I thought that version 2.7 was going to be the next release, but an astute user pointed out that there was a bug that needed to be addressed from the 2.6 series of releases.  I thought about cutting the 2.7 project list down and releasing what was complete so far along with the bug fix.  But after giving that much consideration, I felt that the bug release was ready to go and I would really like to get all of the new features for 2.7 into the final product.   [Read more…]