Forcing translated field names when using translation files with WP-Members™

WP-Members™ stores all of its registration field names and some of the user dialogs in the WordPress database.  If you are installing localized translation files for WP-Members™ on a WordPress installation where you have already activated the WP-Members™ plugin, you will likely find that the translated fields names do not load into the database. 

Changing the wp_mail from address in WordPress without a plugin

One common question I often hear regarding WordPress email configuration is, “How do I change the email address from [email protected]?”  I suspect that most people are unaware that WordPress has its own function for sending email and that it has a default address that it sends from.  If they are aware, most users opt for […]

Plugin Review: Jetpack by

With a name like “Jetpack,” who could resist trying out this plugin package? And what could be better than FREE?  Jetpack by is a set of free plugins from Automattic. The nice thing about Jetpack is that it is a set of some of the most popular plugin types, including stats, twitter feed, and […]

Improve the user experience for comments

This past weekend I spent a considerable amount of time reworking the way WP-Members™ handles comments. That led to an exhaustive Internet search during which I learned a lot more about the various WordPress comment functions.  My research included reviewing how some other plugins hook into the comment system. That process uncovered a number of […]