WordPress Trends Infographic

WordPress continues to grow in market share.  At present, it powers over 20% of all web sites.  When you consider sites that are using content management systems, WP’s market share is 58.5%, with the next closest being Joomla at 9.5%.  There is no question that WordPress has momentum to grow some more and I’ve staked […]

InfoGraphic: Why All Marketers Should Be Thinking Mobile

Here is a great infographic from Quick Sprout: Why all marketers should be thinking mobile.  Today’s web is growing in mobile.  If you are not considering mobile devices in your marketing strategy, you are missing a huge piece of the market.  By 2014 (just next year), 1 in 3 U.S. Internet users will have a […]

RocketGeek.com Rebuild on Genesis 2.0 Framework

With the launch of Genesis 2.0, I have been getting my hands dirty with the Genesis Framework.  I’ve always liked the framework, and I’ve owned it for quite some time; but I never really got in there and made full use of it. After giving butlerblog.com a makeover with Genesis 2.0, I moved on to […]

Hard disk forensics and data recovery

So your hard disk crashed and you’ve lost all your data – important files, photos of the kids, your contact list and save emails.  You are frustrated because you know you should have been performing backups on a regular basis, but you didn’t and now the data is gone for ever.  Or is it? It’s […]

Judge Roy Pearson lost not only his pants, but his suit

The lawsuit brought forth by Roy Pearson, “The Case of the $54 Million Pants,” was lost today. Judge Judith Bartnoff rightfully ruled in favor of the defendants, the Chungs. Also, in a rare move in civil cases, the Judge awarded the defendants the court costs. Unfortunately, that is for actual court costs only and will […]

Those must have been some great pants

We still await a ruling in “The Case of the Missing Pants.” Judge Roy Pearson, the administrative law judge “suing the pants” off his dry cleaners for losing his custom tailored trousers, apparently broke down and cried on the witness stand. Those must have been some great pants! And, boo hoo, “he needed those pants […]

Free Online Warning Label Generator

Here’s a way to have some fun… Make your own warning labels with this online warning label generator: warninglabelgenerator.com The one I made demonstrates that you cannot use an apostrophe in your text:   UPDATE: With ongoing popularity of the Warning Label Generator, I thought I’d add some additional fun signage you can generate as […]

Why Washington “Judge” Roy Pearson Owes Me $2,595,000

(But I’m willing to settle out of court for $1,000,000.) It seems that Washington “Judge” Roy Pearson is suing his dry cleaner for losing his pants. The problem with this? The suit is for $65 million! Suing the pants off dry cleaner $65M lawsuit over lost pants Part of Pearson’s request for damages includes $500,000 […]