Free Online Warning Label Generator

Here’s a way to have some fun… Make your own warning labels with this online warning label generator: The one I made demonstrates that you cannot use an apostrophe in your text:   UPDATE: With ongoing popularity of the Warning Label Generator, I thought I’d add some additional fun signage you can generate as […]

Google Mars

In the spirit of Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google Moon, the next frontier for Google maps junkies has been released – Google Mars. Using maps from images taken by NASA’s orbiting Mars Odyssey and Mars Global Surveyor, Google provides users images of the Martian surface. View mountains, craters, dunes, ridges, canyons, and plains… all […]

Level 1 Attempt

Well, I had planned on attempting my Tripoli Level 1 Certification (that’s High Power Rocketry lingo for H and I motors for you non-rocket types) at the Midwest Regional Fun Fly. MRFF is usually put on as a joint effort between NIRA (Northern Illinois Rocketry Association) and WOOSH (Wisconsin Organization Of Spacemodeling Hobbyists). However, this […]