WordPress Site Management Best Practices – 5 Bad Habits to Avoid

In my experience as a WordPress developer and consultant, I have run across many users of WordPress who fall victim to some very bad habits.  When consulting client about WordPress site management, I’ve seen a lot, and I’ve fixed a lot. Here are some of the most common bad habits that I’ve come across when […]

WordPress Trends Infographic

WordPress continues to grow in market share.  At present, it powers over 20% of all web sites.  When you consider sites that are using content management systems, WP’s market share is 58.5%, with the next closest being Joomla at 9.5%.  There is no question that WordPress has momentum to grow some more and I’ve staked […]

RocketGeek.com Rebuild on Genesis 2.0 Framework

With the launch of Genesis 2.0, I have been getting my hands dirty with the Genesis Framework.  I’ve always liked the framework, and I’ve owned it for quite some time; but I never really got in there and made full use of it. After giving butlerblog.com a makeover with Genesis 2.0, I moved on to […]

Plugin Review: User Switching

If you are a WordPress developer of either themes or plugins, or you are running/building a membership site with something like WP-Members, then you may find yourself logging in and out of your test site a lot.  In building WP-Members, I find myself doing this constantly to test the plugin with different user accounts. The […]

Blocking content in a custom template

Lately, this question has come up a lot.  How do you block content that is outside the loop and still display the login/registration forms on the page. This type of issue may come up if you are using a custom query to put some specific content on a specific page, or it might be that […]

Plugin Review: WordPress Admin Style

As a plugin developer, one of the most time-consuming aspects of development is putting together admin panels. With the effort that goes into this end of the development, you want your admin panels to look slick and professional – you want them to integrate seamlessly and look like they belong to WordPress. 

WordPress shortcode available for Google Books

My first guest blog post over at WordPress Code Snippets is a code snippet to add the Google Books viewer into your posts using an easy shortcode.  Go check it out.  While you’re there, be sure to check out the rest of the site for other useful snippets! [ Read my site review of WordPress […]