Loading Custom Stylesheets with wp_enqueue_style

While the concepts outlined here are more specific to loading custom styles for the WP-Members plugin, the WP functions discussed can be used to load and unload custom stylesheets for any WP plugin or theme that uses wp_register_style.

In the past, I have explained how to setup a custom stylesheet for WP-Members and set the location in the plugin’s settings.  In this article, I would like to explain a more advanced method that is a little cleaner and more elegant.   [Read more…]

New CSS Stylesheets included in WP-Members

As many users know, the styles used in WP-Members can be customized and loaded in a separate stylesheet.  This post describes the process of setting that up and mapping the location of your custom stylesheet in the plugin option panel.  Starting with version 2.7.1, the plugin now includes some additional stylesheets that can be used as a framework to start your own custom stylesheet from, or you can use them as-is.  [Read more…]

Member Links Filter Advanced Demo

Here is an advanced demonstration of what you can do with the links filter hooks in WP-Members.  For this example, we are going to add some content to the Members Area page (created with the [wp-members page=”members-area”] shortcode.  [Read more…]