SOPA Protest Blackout

Tomorrow, Wednesday, January 18, 2012, this site will be joining the blackout in protest of SOPA.  If you are unaware of SOPA (or the blackout protest), I urge you to learn how this bill could fundamentally change the freedom of the Internet.

The bill is the Stop Online Piracy Act, which sounds like a noble cause indeed.  However, the bill as written is a clear and present danger to all of the Internet.  It is important for you to take a stand if you believe in a Free Press and Free Speech.


Plugin Review: WpSubscribers

WpSubscribers is a WordPress plugin that offers you an easy way to build your opt-in list. With it, you can easily add a variety of pop-ups, modals, and other forms to offer a signup form linked to your email list.  Unlike other popup plugins, this plugin also allows you the ability to add an embedded form in your content pages without resorting to a popup.  [Read more...]