4 Reasons to own a Blog

Blog is the heart of a business. Many would nod in acceptance while others might be ignorant about the importance a blog holds in today’s digital world. If you do have a blog, up and running, then you have already taken the first step towards success. But, if you still find yourself in a dilemma regarding the importance of a blog then kindly read on.  [Read more…]

WP-Members climbs in popularity

Well, once again I come to the users of WP-Members and say thanks!  WP-Members has again climbed into the top 100 most popular plugins in the wordpress.org repository.  Currently, it is sitting at #94 (that’s on page 7 out of 1227).  That is out of 18,421 plugins now available in the repository.

So, thank you.  Some other positives:  [Read more…]

Loading Custom Stylesheets with wp_enqueue_style

While the concepts outlined here are more specific to loading custom styles for the WP-Members plugin, the WP functions discussed can be used to load and unload custom stylesheets for any WP plugin or theme that uses wp_register_style.

In the past, I have explained how to setup a custom stylesheet for WP-Members and set the location in the plugin’s settings.  In this article, I would like to explain a more advanced method that is a little cleaner and more elegant.   [Read more…]