More WordPress Site Management Bad Habits, Best Practices, and 3 Security Tips

A few days ago, I posted an article on 5 bad habits to avoid when maintaining a WordPress site.  This article continues those thoughts with 3 more bad habits that should also be avoided and some WordPress security tips to help you avoid them.  All of the bad habits in this post are related to site security, hacking, and recovering from being hacked.

The best way to avoid the very bad situation of being the victim of hacking is to avoid the ways hackers can get to you in the first place.  This means following WordPress site management best practices by using good usernames/user logins and maintaining strong password policies.  And if they get past these first two lines of defense, have a backup to roll back to.  So here is a more in depth discussion of the bad habits, and 3 WordPress security tips to avoid them.   [Read more…]

WordPress Site Management Best Practices – 5 Bad Habits to Avoid

In my experience as a WordPress developer and consultant, I have run across many users of WordPress who fall victim to some very bad habits.  When consulting client about WordPress site management, I’ve seen a lot, and I’ve fixed a lot.

Here are some of the most common bad habits that I’ve come across when it comes to WordPress site management. I’ll tell you what they are and how to fix them.  Some of my comments might seem harsh, but consider it a dose of tough love.  I’m trying to help you, not insult you.

If you are blogging for money or maintaining a professional brand image, don’t try to chintz on these.  Bad habits will end up costing you  more in both money and time.  If you don’t know how to do some of these, it is prudent to either learn or to hire someone (even if that is just on a consulting basis).  It will save you money in the long run!   [Read more…]

How Effective Blog Design Can Bring in More Traffic

Remember that time when you created your own website back in the day? It had a fuchsia-colored background and horrific boy band sound bite looping over and over again. Ever wonder why we have since gravitated from the days of Comic Sans text and sparkly dividers? The answer: we are drawn to the aesthetic.

When it comes to your blog design, its ability to be visually appealing speaks volumes with regard to the success the blog will have. In the spirit of “we judge books by their covers,” so too do we assess the credibility of a blog by its layout and attractiveness. Following these tips for better, more effective blog design will definitely bring in more traffic for your website.  [Read more…]