How Your Blog Can Boost Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation can make or break your brand. It may be surprising to some that a simple online image can have such a major influence. However, it is as simple as a few clicks to find out everything you want to know about a person, company, or website. Luckily, blogging provides a way for you to improve your reputation through a few simple techniques.  [Read more…]

Easy SMTP email settings for WordPress

I’ve written a number of posts on the WordPress email settings for using the mail function wp_mail.  Some of this has been information on troubleshooting your WordPress email settings, and one of the solutions to problems with wp_mail that I have addressed in the past has been to use an SMTP server for sending mail rather than relying on the webserver.

For some, this may be something you want to use a plugin for, since WordPress does not have much in the way of email settings in the admin panel.  There are several plugins available for this.  But personally, I prefer to not use plugins when a very simple code snippet will do.  [Read more…]

Last Chance to Get Premise: landing page and membership site software for WordPress

You Missed It!

CopyBlogger Media closed its doors on new sales of Premise December 13, 2013.   If you are looking for a plugin that will allow you to sell subscriptions to premium content, consider using WP-Members with the PayPal subscription extension.  You can find out more here.

CopyBlogger Media is closing its doors on Premise, their premium point-and-click landing page and membership site solution for WordPress.

So why would you want to buy a product that is being discontinued?  Read on my friend and find out!

CopyBlogger will continue to support Premise owners!  They are discontinuing it to instead offer a hosted solution that will allow you another level of service.  But the stand-alone version is going away.

Premise is a pretty awesome product that allows you to create landing pages the funnel conversions on your site, and also provides you the ability offer members only content, payment gateways, subscription products, protected digital downloads, and MORE!

Premise has always been available with a 30 day money back guarantee.   That means you can buy it with absolutely no risk!

The regular price for Premise was $165, but until the doors close on new sales, it is available for only $95.  But you have to hurry.  This offer is only until 5 pm Pacific time on Friday, December 13, 2013.  And then the doors close on new sales of the product for good!

You can read more about the product at the Premise web site.
Premise: The Complete Digital Sales and Lead Generation Engine for WordPress

It really is an amazing product, and I personally own a copy of it and have tested it out myself.  I do not endorse products that I do not personally own and use.

But wait?  Don’t you have your own membership product?  Why would you endorse a competitor?

It would seem odd, wouldn’t it?  But there are a few things about that I can tell you.

First, yes, I am the developer of WP-Members, which was the very first membership restriction plugin for WordPress.  And I will continue to offer that product with support and member exclusive extensions.  It is a great product for those of you that need a low barrier of entry or a framework that is very extensible (with WP-Members, you can even build plugins for the plugin).

Personally, I think the fact that WP-Members is built as an extensible framework is an edge for the product.  Premise, however, is more of a point-and-click product.  It is not very extensible, but it is very feature-rich.  And I have been working on ways to actually use the two together.

Another difference is cost.  WP-Members is free.  There is premium support available, and extensions are available to support customers; and that service is only $47/year.  Premise is a little more costly.  It was $165 for an unlimited lifetime license.  Now they are offering it for $95!  But only until they close their doors on new sales this Friday.

Premise is well documented and well supported, and I know of no reason why that won’t continue in the future as CopyBlogger moves to a new product offering in this area.

And if you are a developer or consultant like me, it may be beneficial to you to own a lot of different products for WordPress. Here is your chance to get a good one with a healthy discount.

Premise: The Complete Digital Sales and Lead Generation Engine for WordPress