Customizing WP-Members™ with pluggable functions

There are many requests that come into this blog asking how to customize certain elements of the WP-Members™ plug-in. While I’ve made attempts to have WP-Members™ be as flexible as possible, there are times when a specific customization request would be outside the exiting process flow of the plug-in and would require making changes directly […]

Plugins tested in WordPress 3.0

I have completed testing of my plugins with WordPress 3.0. Both WP-Members™ and Verse-O-Matic are fully compatible with WP 3.0. There are some upgrades I am working on for both of these, although I’m not sure when I’ll get them done. Also, on a side note, it has been difficult to provide support for the […]

Verse-O-Matic 4.0 released

I have (FINALLY) completed an upgrade to the verse-o-matic plugin.  This upgrade fixes the installation issues that were experienced from WP 2.5.  Any deprecated actions, hooks, or filters have been updated. I have only tested this on WP 2.8.4 so if you are using a version of WP earlier than 2.8, I suggest you upgrade […]

Rebuilding my plugins

I will be rebuilding the Verse-O-Matic and the Affiliate Cloak (ClickBank) plugins.  Around WP version 2.5 some changes were made that caused the installation of these plugins to not work correctly.  Long story short, it centers around the installation of a database table that each of them use. I will probably utilize the wp_options table […]

New Verse-O-Matic 3.4 Released

After much anticipation, I have finally finished Verse-O-Matic 3.4. This simple to use WordPress plugin allows you to place a random or predetermined scripture verse on your blog. Simply install, activate, load the widget and you are off and running. The easy to use administration features allow you to add and edit your list of […]

New Verse-O-Matic Release Planned

I have been working on Verse-O-Matic as of late. Most of the changes to the new version will be of a back-end nature. Remove the wp_vom_settings table in favor of storing settings in the wp_options table and using WP’s get_option functions Clean up the use of the date for date specific verse display VOTD highlighted […]

Sites Using Verse-O-Matic

Here are some of the sites that are running Verse-O-Matic on their site. Thanks to all that are using the Verse-O-Matic!