New Media and the Context of Content

Twitter has not become a major component of my online strategy – yet.  I use it and follow it (somewhat), but it hasn’t reached the point of, “I can’t function without it.”  I completely believe that using Twitter will boost my present online business, but I just have not had the time to integrate it […]

4 Free ebooks to make you a better blogger and content marketer

Success online boils down to one thing – content.  Content is what drives traffic, it makes search engines like Google happy, it builds your authority with your audience, and it converts readers into customers. OK. So What? So content is king.  But what kind of content?  How much?  And how does that content convert into […]

Working with the WordPress email function wp_mail

 Most people are completely unaware of how the WordPress wp_mail function works, how their hosting plan plays a role in tracking down email issues, and what to do to fix things so that wp_mail sends email with some reliability.   This article discusses how to track down some common problems sending email with wp_mail, how to troubleshoot […]

Increase Sales with Content Marketing

Content marketing is an effective process of using content to drive traffic.  The traffic is best turned into revenue with selling.  This could be selling premium content, digital products such as themes and plugins, or services such as coaching and consulting. How can you effectively use that content to increase sales and build your revenue? […]

5 Tips for Increasing Your Content Marketing Productivity

As a content writer, WordPress plugin developer, and small business owner, it can be quite difficult to find time to do it all. Especially if you also have a regular job that requires your attention, too.  Throw in the demands of raising a family and it can be quite a challenge to stay afloat. Success […]

How You Can Gain An Unfair Advantage in Content Marketing

The average blogger or freelance writer is always looking for that silver bullet to boost traffic to their blog, seeking a content marketing strategy that works.  When it comes to content marketing tools to improve your site’s optimization and traffic, Scribe is a hands-down winner. Scribe Content Marketing Software To paraphrase blogging heavyweight Brian Clark, […]

How Your Blog Can Boost Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation can make or break your brand. It may be surprising to some that a simple online image can have such a major influence. However, it is as simple as a few clicks to find out everything you want to know about a person, company, or website. Luckily, blogging provides a way for you to improve […]