New Media and the Context of Content

Twitter has not become a major component of my online strategy – yet.  I use it and follow it (somewhat), but it hasn’t reached the point of, “I can’t function without it.”  I completely believe that using Twitter will boost my present online business, but I just have not had the time to integrate it […]

WordPress membership site plugin WP-Members™ 2.9 now available for testing

I have a very stable alpha version for the upcoming 2.9 release of my WordPress membership site plugin WP-Members™ that is now available to the general public.  You can read about the project and what changes will be included here. The 2.9 version is going to deliver completely rebuilt form building functions.  I am hoping […]

4 Free ebooks to make you a better blogger and content marketer

Success online boils down to one thing – content.  Content is what drives traffic, it makes search engines like Google happy, it builds your authority with your audience, and it converts readers into customers. OK. So What? So content is king.  But what kind of content?  How much?  And how does that content convert into […]

A Tip for Writers: Avoid Procrastination with Multitasking

My writing has recently focused on avoiding procrastination and removing distractions when freelancing and freelance writing.  If you are going to be successful as a writer with content marketing, you have to stay focused, on task, and keep your productivity high.  In short, you must constantly be writing. So, you might find it a little […]

WordPress Security Tips: Limiting Dashboard Access

A potential WordPress security issue can include access to the WordPress dashboard or administration screens. Because WordPress security already has role based access, this can be unnecessary.  But that depends entirely upon the specific situation and your security policy. Since every instance will be different, the decision to lock things down will be up to […]

Last Chance to Get Premise: landing page and membership site software for WordPress

You Missed It! CopyBlogger Media closed its doors on new sales of Premise December 13, 2013.   If you are looking for a plugin that will allow you to sell subscriptions to premium content, consider using WP-Members™ with the PayPal subscription extension.  You can find out more here. CopyBlogger Media is closing its doors on Premise, […]

When A WordPress Plugin Review Is Not a Review

A cursory search on Google (or your favorite search engine) for WordPress Plugin Reviews is going to yield a massive number of results.  I entered “wordpress plugin review” in Google and got over 17,000,000 results.  Narrow that down with a specific type of plugin and you might tighten things up a bit. Changing to “wordpress […]