WP-Members™ 2.9.1 Released

It was only two short weeks ago that 2.9.0 was released. As some of you know, I live in fear of updates. Even though I test and evaluate before a release, there is always something that pops up after the fact. With a significant rebuild of the form building functions in 2.9.0, I was definitely concerned about how the update process would be this time.

The release of 2.9.0 went quite well. However, there was one bug that did slip in. It doesn’t affect every user, but it may affect a larger number of users that past minor issues. The bug is the display of the TOS link which is not properly parsed resulting in the display of the TOS content as the link in the <a href=””> tag.

If that turns out to be the only bug in 2.9.0, I’ll be quite satisfied. But the nature of this issue does move me to release an update with a patch right away. That is what pushed 2.9.1 to production so quickly. A number of other small improvements that were not part of 2.9.0 and a new localization template are included in this update.

For a list of what is included in the 2.9.1 update, here is the official release announcement.

WP-Members™ 2.9.0 Release

WP-Members™ 2.9.0 has been released, and this is the most significant update to the plugin in some time.

I have been working on this project since last fall, so it is existing to see it finally reach this point (although there is always work to be done on it, so this is just the beginning of 2.9).

Since this update makes some major (and positive) changes to the form building functions of the plugin, it is something that I have been writing and announcing extensively for some time.  So rather than repeat myself, I’ll just say that you can read much more at any of these links:

You can get the plugin here.