A Content Marketing Strategy That Works

This is a review of Brian Clark’s book “A Content Marketing Strategy That Works.”  It is the second in a series of four books that Brian has written on content marketing and it is available free as an ebook.  I highly suggest you get a copy (and read it!).

This book is available as both an EPUB and a PDF, which was great for me.  I converted the EPUB to MOBI format and was able to read it on my Kindle.  What I like about being able to read on my Kindle is that I tend to make notes, highlights, and marks in my books and use content-strategy-that-works.fwthat information later, and this book was no exception.  I was able to go back to my notes later for ideas on each section.

The book takes you through Brian’s recommended 7 Step Framework for Content Marketing Success.  There are checklists in the book for each of the 7 steps in the framework.  I found printing these out from the PDF to be quite helpful in executing the strategic plan.

(I’m in!  Tell my how to get this book free!)

What will you learn in this book?

By reading “A Content Marketing Strategy That Works” you will learn:

  • What “Authority” is and why it is critical to content marketing success
  • The catalyst that creates authority
  • What “MVA” (Minimum Viable Audience) is and how to create one
  • The comprehensive framework for getting you there

You will learn the “7A Framework for Content Marketing Success” and receive a checklist for each step in the framework.  The framework is applicable to any content topic and works for building a viable audience.

The book is not that long and you can probably read it in less than an hour.  But the information that you get out of this will definitely help put you on the path to success.

I really liked Chris Guilleabeau’s “The $100 Startup” (and I also highly recommend that book), but I found that one thing in Chris’ book that was lacking was in many of his examples he makes the assumption that you already have a list to promote to.  Brian Clark’s discussion of Minimum Viable Audience in A Content Marketing Strategy That Works fills in that void.

His discussion of MVA was probably the most critical component.  Most people have a pretty good idea of writing decent (or even good) content, and they know that “It’s The List, Stupid.”  But what they don’t have a grasp on is how to identify what the Minimum Viable Audience is and HOW to get one.  If you get nothing else out of the (free) book, that one thing is the nugget that may turn your business around.

Here’s how to get this book free!


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