How You Can Gain An Unfair Advantage in Content Marketing

The average blogger or freelance writer is always looking for that silver bullet to boost traffic to their blog, seeking a content marketing strategy that works.  When it comes to content marketing tools to improve your site’s optimization and traffic, Scribe is a hands-down winner.

Scribe Content Marketing Software

To paraphrase blogging heavyweight Brian Clark, Scribe is a content marketing strategy that works.  As a user of the software, I can tell you that I have found that to be true. I was skeptical at first; but with a 30 day money back guarantee on the service, I thought I should at least try it out.

If you are the type of person that tries to squeeze two dimes out of a nickel, you may not give this product a look.  You should reconsider.  In using Scribe myself, I found it to be well worth the investment.

Using Brian Clark’s provided materials and instructions on how to focus your writing toward optimized content combined with the analysis by Scribe, the combination has produced incredible and quantifiable results.

Do you like the idea of a free trial of some great software that will improve your blog’s ability to drive traffic?  Then take a risk free test drive starting today!  Otherwise, if you need more convincing, read on for some of my personal results using Scribe for my content marketing strategy.

A Real World Example (and My Personal Testimonial)

Setting up Scribe was easy, but learning to optimize (and thus put Scribe to work at full advantage) did take a little effort.  One week in, I could see that Scribe was a very powerful content marketing tool, but that maybe it was something that I would not fully benefit from.

But I thought I had better make sure, I still had another three weeks on the guarantee, so put it through the paces and make a properly informed decision.  But the end of week two I was beginning to get a handle on the software.  Since I had purchased three months in advance for a slight discount off the monthly rate, I thought I would go ahead and keep it for the three months and see how things went.  If it didn’t work out, I would cancel.

Here’s the kicker: By the end of week three I was convinced that I would be keeping Scribe.

I found that using Scribe not only improved my understanding of copywriting and content marketing, I also was able to adjust my writing style to work better for an optimized content marketing strategy.  I also saw absolutely quantifiable and measurable results in my content and traffic.

I have a few pages that already had a fairly decent ranking on Google and they receive a reasonable amount of traffic.  I have one particular page that is always a standout and has consistently received the most traffic on any given day.  No other single page has ever had a day that exceeded the traffic of this page.  I did not optimize that page and used that as the benchmark, since it was already my highest visited page.

But I reworked the content of some other less visited pages using Scribe.  Scribe assisted with Keyword Research, Content Optimization, and Link Building.  Using all three of these on four specific pages, I saw nearly immediate and measurable results.

Within the first week of really using Scribe, one of those pages exceeded the traffic of my benchmark page.  This has never happened before.  Not only did it receive more traffic, but looking at that particular page’s stats in Google Analytics both pre and post Scribe optimization, I saw an increase in traffic, a reduction in bounce rate, and a reduction in exit rate.

This means that not only were more people finding that page and coming to it organically, more people were also checking out other pages linked to in the content rather than loading the page and leaving.  Before Scribe, that one page had a nearly 80% bounce rate.  After Scribe, within a couple of days it was below 50% and the traffic had more than doubled.

A Content Marketing Strategy That Works

In my opinion, Scribe’s marketing materials are not hype.  The product really works and it works as described.  I saw nearly immediate results and improvement when adjusting my content marketing strategy and using Scribe to analyze the content.

If you still don’t believe me, there are two things you can do.  The first is to take a risk free test drive.  Try Scribe for 30 days.  If you don’t like it, Copyblogger will refund your money.  I can’t think of a better offer than that.

If a 30 day free trial is not enough, or if you want even more, Copyblogger has a FREE offer just for you!

You can register for free to get access to the Scribe Content Marketing Library, which consists of 4 great ebooks (available in both EPUB and PDF):

  • The Business Case for Agile Content Marketing
  • A Content Marketing Strategy That Works
  • How to Create Content That Converts
  • How to Effectively Promote Your Content

I’ve read all four.  They aren’t too long, and they will definitely give you some valuable ideas for improving your site.  I’ll be writing up a review on each of these because – yes – I think they are that good!

You can get them completely free regardless of whether you purchase Scribe or not.  So sign up today to get access to the Scribe Content Marketing Library.


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