How Your Blog Can Boost Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation can make or break your brand. It may be surprising to some that a simple online image can have such a major influence. However, it is as simple as a few clicks to find out everything you want to know about a person, company, or website. Luckily, blogging provides a way for you to improve your reputation through a few simple techniques.

Become an Authority

If you want to become trusted by a community, one of the best ways to do this is to become an authoritative resource. And one of the greatest ways to show that you are an authority on a subject is to share your knowledge. Blogging allows you to teach a community what you know and show them what you have to offer. Just because you don’t know everything about a subject doesn’t mean you can’t write a little bit about it. Try your hand at a slightly new topic and see what the feedback is.

Be humble enough to admit what you don’t know, research the topic, and acknowledge those who have both good and bad things to say about what you’ve written.

Positive Comments

The great thing about writing on blogs is that it gives you an opportunity to interact with an audience. If you write quality content on highly-recognized sites, it gives readers the chance to comment on your post. The positive comments will give some credibility to your name and show that you do add value to the internet. Even the negative comments can do some good for you—it gives you a chance to respond and show your true colors.

Create a Positive Presence

Blogging about interesting and valuable subjects for a community gives you a way to connect with them through positive means. This is particularly important if you are reeling from powerful, negative reviews. Blogging allows you to create the image that you want, not the one that others create for you.

Guest Blogging on Other Sites

Once you have your own style and topics established, it is wise to find other bloggers who might be interested in guest posts from you. Guest blogging lets you reach out to new readers and establish relationships with other bloggers. When you find yourself under attack, having these additional readers and bloggers to back you up will be beneficial to your reputation.

Repair Your Name

If you have some bad reviews or bad press associated with your name, blogging about it gives you the chance to defend your honor. Not only does it give you a platform to create a rebuttal, it can also link positive words to your name for the search engine results. If you can get other bloggers behind you, endorsing your word it will be even better for your reputation.

Whether you’re trying to redeem your reputation or build up a new one from scratch, blogging is the perfect resource. It allows you to speak your mind and show people who you really are, all while interacting with an audience to learn more and grow as an individual or business.


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