Clean Water and a Personal Consultation with Brian Gardner

If you’ve been in the WordPress or blogging world for even a short period of time, I am quite certain that you know Brian Gardner.  If you don’t, Brian is a partner of Copyblogger Media, a blogging powerhouse.  He is quite well respected in the industry, and has great insight.  To get a personal consultation with someone at this level is, well… priceless.  You normally could not gain that kind of access even if you had the money. 

BUT, Brian has offered an opportunity to get that kind of access while trying to raise $5000 for Charity Water.

Water is one of those things that is easy to take for granted.  For most of us, we turn on the faucet and clean water just shows up.  But for most of the world’s population, that isn’t the case. Clean water, while necessary for life, just isn’t available.  If you’ve been fortunate enough to travel the globe, you might already be aware of that fact.

Charity: Water is a non-profit that brings clean drinking water to developing nations. This is an important charity.  That is why Brian is willing to do some “creative bartering,” to use his own words, in order to raise some awareness and some funding.

If you are willing to donate $150 to this project, he will give you 1 hour of consulting time.

For a $250 donation, he will give you 2 hours.

That is a personal consultation of one of the blogging world’s biggest A-listers.  But don’t contribute for that reason alone.  The real reason to contribute is that you can provide clean water for some people in the world that are in desperate need.  The access to Brian is just a bonus.

Seriously, Brian’s cred is such that he could have posted this without the offer of one-on-one consultation and he probably would be able to achieve his goal.  But, for us mere mortals, it’s pretty cool that he added the extra twist.

Click here for more information from Brian Gardner on this project.

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