Are you following Matt Mullenweg?

You do know who Matt is, don’t you?  And Automattic?  Why are you not paying attention?

Matt Mullenweg is the developer of WordPress.  You know, that popular blogging software that so many people (likely including you) are using.  His company is Automattic, responsible for (among other things).

WordPress now powers more than 20% of the Internet.  When you consider market share of sites using a CMS (Content Management Solution), WP’s reach is a massive 58.5%, with the next closest being Joomla with 9.5% of the market.

Since Matt’s desire is for WP to power a majority of the Internet, doesn’t it make sense for you to follow what he is doing?

Matt recently announced that Automattic had acquired Cloudup.  This was announced on Techcrunch,, and Cloudup’s blog (which, OK, I could understand why you missed this if had only been on Cloudup), but also on Matt’s own blog.

Cloudup will become a major way for and its users to leverage the power of the cloud in storing and delivering their media, making it easy to stream from your powered blog.  I’m pretty sure that most people can see the power of that.  Matt put it this way,

The service is much more advanced, elegant, and intuitive than’s current media uploader. “Not many people say their favorite [] feature is the media library.”

Why, might you ask, do I suspect that you are not paying attention?  That you are asleep at the switch?

When Matt made this announcement on his own blog, he mentioned that the service is not yet open to the public (bummer) BUT… there were a couple hundred invites available to readers of his blog.

A couple HUNDRED!

I follow Matt’s blog in my reader.  I’ve been incredibly busy these last few days.  So I read this post about 3 days late.  My immediate thought was, “Uh oh.  I’m gonna be too late.  I’ve missed the chance to get it to try it out.”

Nope.  I was able to get a spot.

When Google announces a new product that you have to signup to get on the beta test, millions flock to be a part of it within hours.  Matt Mullenweg, arguably one of the most influential people in online media today, makes an announcement that he’s giving out a couple hundred invites to a new service and I’m able to get one days later.

So either Matt’s yanking everyone’s chain with his number in order to create demand, or no one is paying attention.  If it’s the former, I’m the sucker (and feel free to say so in the comments section).  But if it’s the latter, why are you not paying attention to what Matt is doing?


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