Pressgram, iOS, and choosing your market

Important update to this post. John Saddington does want to release an Android version (that is good), but he’s going need your help. Read the update to find out what you can do.

A few days ago, I was excited to hear about Pressgram.  It is an app developed by John Saddington with a WordPress plugin that will break you free of Instagram.  I think Instagram is pretty cool, but it does make total sense to me to control the content.  This leads into the debate you will hear from blogging heavyweights like Copyblogger about “owning” versus “renting” (read Sonia Simone’s article on Digital Sharecropping).

Think of Instagram as renting whereas Pressgram is owning.  Instagram is digital sharecropping, Pressgram makes you the landowner.

All in all, it’s a cool app with some great opportunities for users including more active content control and brand management.  Unfortunately, that opportunity is presently limited to iOS users – read: iPhone/iPad – leaving me out as a potential heavy user.  My personal tech arsenal does not include a single Apple product.

Yes, I do prefer my Android devices. But, this is not intended as a debate over what is better – Apple or Android.  My point is about market share.  The numbers don’t lie – Android far outstrips iOS in this area.

Might I make a suggestion to Pressgram?  Consider launching an Android app.  I know there are more people than just me that would use it.

Maybe it’s just me, but wouldn’t you want to go for the largest possible audience?  Is it that Apple users are so much more hip?  Or perhaps it’s a better (more controlled) distribution network?

Fortunately for me, there are multiple devices around my house.  My wife is an avid iPad and iPhone user, and the kids have some iOS devices as well, so I’ve got access to try it out.  Yet, as much as I’d love to participate in the upcoming Pressgram Revolution, I’ll be on the sidelines (or at least limited to borrowing my wife’s phone from time-to-time).

Now before people go off telling me I’m a hater or something, that’s not my point at all.  I understand this was a kickstarted campaign with limited development resources so you kind of have to pick an initial market.  And I get the fact that the developer is probably going to develop for the environment that they use.  But I also know there is a big hole in market opportunity when Android is overlooked.

If I’m wrong – convince me otherwise or tell me what I’m missing.

UPDATE: So, this post is less than half an hour old and Pressgram developer John Saddington has informed me that an Android version of Pressgram is on the project list.  He confirms my thoughts that the developer is going to work in the ecosystem in which they are most comfortable, but when they release a really cool product, other users outside the fold are going to want it.  I hope you will join me in supporting John in further developing Pressgram – both for Apple AND Android – that means time, talent, and treasure.  Learn more about what you can do here.  You can subscribe to his update list here, and you should.


    • says

      John – you are THE MAN!!

      I knew this was a pretty cool project the minute I saw it. And you have made that more evident in your responsiveness.

      This post is barely 20 minutes old and I already need to edit with an addendum!

      …wish I’d seen seen that post a little sooner… (insert sheepish look here)

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