WordPress Membership Plugin WP-Members 2.8.6 Release Announcement

An update for the WordPress membership plugin WP-Members was released tonight.  This is the 2.8.6 release and it is a minor code update along with some minor changes to the stylesheets for the forms.

For a full description of update (and of course, more information on the plugin in general), see the release announcement at the plugin’s support site.


  1. Jens Peter Sørensen says

    I’ve just been looking at the plugin an I like what I see :-)

    I saw in some quite old forum post somewhere, that you were working a an import function, which would be very good.
    I have done som tests whith the import from CSV plugin, but i can’t get the fields from wp-members imported.

    • says

      Yes – I am planning to add import functionality. I am surprised though that you have had trouble with the Import from CSV plugin. I know that there is at least member on the premium support site for WP-Members (rocketgeek.com) that indicated success with that plugin.

      Based on her information and what I have looked at, it should work fine. You do need to consider that any custom fields (which includes non-WP standard fields that are part of the WP-Members plugin such as address and phone) would need to be imported with the correct meta. The “option name” in the WP-Members fields tab is what gets used as the meta name in the database.

      Another thing to consider is that if you have a large list and a lot of meta fields, you may not be able to do the import as a single process. Every meta field is going to result as a db write operation. So if you have 10 extra meta fields for 100 users, that is not 100 db writes, it is 1100 (the main user table data + the extra metas).

      Variables in this are number of extra fields, your bandwidth, server load, and php setting for script timeout. The user that just did this mentioned that their list was 1000 and based on the extra data, they had to do it in batches of 250.

      Hope that helps.

      • Jens Peter Sørensen says

        Thanks for your answer.

        I have another go with the Import from CVS plugin and got the users imported, it seams like the problem was that I made the CSV file in Excel.
        By using OpenOffice Calc i had better options for the CSV file, charset as UTF-8 encoding and Pling around every text.

        So I have imported 230 users in one go with 8 custom meta fields.
        Saved me a lot of writing user metadata.

        The best
        Jens Peter Sørensen.

  2. Danimal Holland says

    Hi, tried using your contact form but it doesn’t work, DOH!

    Your WP-Members meta box won’t budge, ‘remove_meta_box’ will not remove it, I suspect your plugin is overriding functions.php. Any tips? I have authors that are able to block their posts, we don’t want that, and nothing in the plugin’s settings suggests I can switch it off.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Bruce says

    Chad: Love the plug-in; does just what I need. Discovered what may be a problem with the login widget. If I login from any page/post with blocked content, close my browser, and then return to the site, all of the content is once again blocked. That’s good! That’s what I want to have happen. I put the login widget on the home page. If I log in from widget, close the browser, re-open the browser, and return to the site, I am still logged in and everything is still unblocked. That is not what I want to have happen. I have removed the widget from the home page for now. Hope you have time to reply to this. Thanks.

    • says

      Hi Bruce – glad you like the plugin. There is a slight difference between the body login and the widget login forms. The body allows you to check a “remember me” box, the widget does not have this and defaults as if that were checked.

      WordPress uses a cookie to maintain a user’s login state, so checking this box sets (or in the case of the widget, defaults to) an expiration of 2 weeks. Note: that supposes the user also exists and/or is active during that time frame. Were they to be deleted or deactivated, it does not matter what the auth cookie says – they would not have access even if the auth cookie date was valid.

      I know that doesn’t work for everyone and the plugin has a framework for proper customization. You can find information on that at the plugin’s support site, rocketgeek.com (note that although I still maintain older content here, I do not support the plugin directly through butlerblog.com anymore).

      You can filter out the hidden input in the sidebar form that sets this value (“rememberme”) using the wpmem_sidebar_form filter (see: http://rocketgeek.com/plugins/wp-members/users-guide/filter-hooks/wpmem_sidebar_form/ ). There is a full list of fitler hooks here: http://rocketgeek.com/plugins/wp-members/users-guide/filter-hooks/

      I am presently working on the 2.9 project which is rebuilding form building functions. As part of this, a more feature rich sidebar widget will be produced and it will include a remember me checkbox. I do not have an ETA on when that will be included, other than it will be part of the 2.9 series of releases.

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