Selling your used cell phone

Many of you are techno-geeks and early adopters like me and thus, you probably get a newer cell phone from time to time.  Which begs the question:

What do you do with the old one?

For me, this is a particularly important question because I have a business plan that requires me to pay full price for my phone.  The advantage to that is no long term contract, but the disadvantage is that phones are expensive when they are not subsidized.  So, I’d like to be able to reduce some of the cost of my new phone by selling the old one.

I found which is a site that aggregates who is paying how much for various phones.  They will teach you how to s​ell cell​ phones​.  It’s kind of like a dating web site trying to match phone buyers with phone sellers.  This site allows you to find who is paying the most for your particular used cell phone.

There are some pretty simple steps that the site takes you through:

  1. Search for the mobile phone model that have.
  2. Find the best deal.
  3. Once you have a recycle company to work with, you will ship your phone.
  4. The recycle company will check your phone and send your payment.

For me, the most compelling reason to use to begin searching for a place to sell my used phone is that they aggregate offers from many different site, which allows you to find the best deal:

There can be a big difference in price between the highest and lowest prices paid for each cell phone. Why spend your valuable time comparing prices from individual phone buyers to get the best price when we compare prices from all of the top companies in the US for you in seconds!

Another positive was that they guarantee to get you the best offer for your used phone:

We are so confident we will find you the best price that we are the only site to offer a Best Price Guarantee. If you find a higher price within 24 hours of placing your order we will refund you double the difference!!

I have this old cell phone just sitting around collecting dust, so what do I have to lose?

Why use Why would you not use


  1. says

    Hey Chad,
    Thanks for the info, I wish to sell my mobile phone in order to buy a better a single, will there be good areas to market 1 via or some kind of sites? Suggestions make sure you.

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