WP-Members™ 2.8.0 auto excerpt fix

The WP-Members™ 2.8.0 upgrade initially went out with a bug in the new auto excerpt feature that causes the default (more…) link to be displayed on content that is not using the auto excerpt.

While this has been corrected in the repository, the initial downloads were effected. If you upgraded early, you can re-download to get the patched version, or you can apply a very simple fix discussed here.


  1. says

    I could use some advice. I am replacing an existing website with wordpress. The problem is I need a members username and password that is generic so members can log into a single members page that has links to other pages. I have spent many hours and even had a computer program try your WPmembers plugin and could not figure it out. There is no need for any one to subscribe, just a login box for them to gain access. Is this possible with the plugin?

  2. says

    Hi Hope you can help. I’m reasonably new the wordpress and have my first web site up and running. Came across wp-members and looks like it dose exactly what I want – which is to have some posts that only logged in Users can see and other posts that everyone can see. Installed wp-members 2.8.0 and all seems to work OK.
    However – when I self register a User (and look in WP Users) – there is no role – I’m looking to have basic access to read but not update. I’ve activated the User and everything seems OK – but I get no access to my site. When I logon at WP-Admin I get message back – You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page. I’ve now setup the User Access (short code) and can logon and see my secure post – so this seems OK.
    However – I have some other Users that I setup in WP before installing wp-members and their roles are now being reset from Author to “-no role for this site-” regardless of what role I give that User.
    I have a number of other plug-ins active – could one of these be causing an issue with wp-members.
    Any help/advice would be very welcome. Thanks Tim

    • says

      Tim – thanks for your question, but all support for WP-Members is being handled through rocketgeek.com.

      To answer your question, WP-Members assigns the user whatever the default role is for the site. The default role is specified in the WordPress General Settings. Other than setting the user role when registered, there is no other place that the plugin touches user role information, so if user roles are being changed, I’m not sure where that would be coming from. Also, the plugin’s registration function only fires on registrations through the front end forms that the plugin creates. If you are adding users through the backend, that would be handled by WordPress (or another plugin). The behavior you are describing doesn’t sound like it is coming from WP-Members so I would look at what other plugin’s may be conflicting.

  3. Aurora says

    Hi Chad

    Wonder if you can help. I updated the patch released recently (2.81) for WP members, but it looks like registrations are not working. I hadn’t received registrations for more than a day now, and when I tried it myself, and upon submitting the form, I get a blank page with the following text:
    “Are you sure you want to do this?”
    (no option to either go back and try again, or press anything to confirm etc.,)

    Has anyone else reported this problem or is it silly me doing something wrong?


    • says

      The message you are receiving indicates that the nonce (a security device) is not being validated. 2.8.1 added nonces to the front side registration forms to close some potential exploits.

      In WordPress, nonces are set with a specific timeframe, so my initial thought on where an error like this could occur would be with a cache plugin. That would be the likely culprit as a cached version of the page would likely contain an invalid nonce. Are you using a caching plugin?

      • Aurora says

        Hi Chad
        Thanks for your reply – sorry I should have checked this earlier.
        Yes I’m using WP Super Cache because my host suggested it. Is that a problem? :(

  4. says

    Hi Chad.
    The first thing that I want to say is thanks for this excellent plugin.
    Im having an issue with the 500 error. Whenever I create a new user manually or someone sends the file, a blank page with the error appears.
    Ive already tried most of the things achivable by a human, these are:

    -changing the .htaccess
    -adding a php.ini file inside the wp-admin folder.
    -clean wp and db installation
    -disabling all plugins
    -re installing wp-members

    can you please help me? thank u in advance.


  5. says

    After I updated the WP, I lost the members’ access with members’ username and password that is generic so members can log into a single members page that has links to other pages. There’s Box 2 on front of the website, theres a link (newsletter) for members to click for members access.

    i found the code:
    [wp-members page="members-area"]
    but looks like it goes to same page which doesn’t make the sense.

    you have my permission to fix it for me. i can give you the access info if you send me ur email address.


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