WP-Members™ Subscription Module with PayPal Integration

I’ve released an early version of the WP-Members™ Subscription Module with PayPal Integration for members of rocketgeek.com, the WP-Members™ support site.

This is a premium add-on module for WP-Members™ that will allow you to set a free trial period (or not), set a time period for subscription, and allow you to charge for subscriptions through PayPal.

[Read the release announcement]

Join rocketgeek.com to get the add-on.


  1. Farid says

    I have developed an online course on my website and currently use wp-members for the registration form. I would like to set up wp-members so along with the registration form, after they hit submit, they are taken to PayPal (if they have selected the online course option) to pay for the course and return to the site to view the course.
    Is this something that would be possible using the “Subscription Module with PayPal Integration”?

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