Top Tips for Being
a Great Guest Blogger

This article gives advice and top tips on how to be a great guest blogger. Guest blogging is a great way to build online relationships and secure inbound links for your website.

Search Successes

Quality and variety of content is one of the biggest factors governing SEO success. This has seen the popularity of guest blogging skyrocket in recent years, as people look to boost the variety offered within their own blogs in return for an inbound link to the guest blogger’s site. Being a great guest blogger is about much more than simply being a great writer and submitting polished content to anyone who accepts guest posts. What do you need to do to make yourself a truly great guest blogger?

Read the Blog

This is as much about relevance as it is to do with your own reputation. If a blog has a bit of an ambiguous name, and you submit a blog about fairy cakes when the site is focused on recycling, you will look a bit of an idiot.

By the same token, you should read as many posts by the actual blogger as possible and see how closely their views match yours. If hidden in there somewhere is some controversial political or religious points of view, could your brand be harmed by having your name on that site?

Respect the Blogger

If the blogger asks for a certain word count, use of pictures, or provides other specific guidelines, follow them. If you don’t, your submission will not be published, and you may even find your name blacklisted among the blogger community. Yes, such a thing does exist.

Don’t Promote, Even Subtly

If you want to promote yourself then dip your hand in your pocket and pay for an ad banner or prominent search engine placement. While you are guest blogging to introduce yourself to a new audience, you need to remain relevant to the blogger’s site, as we touched on earlier.

How would you feel about publishing something that turned browsers away because it had nothing to do with your usual content? Exactly – you wouldn’t do it, so do not expect others to.


A lot of bloggers will have built up quite the community of regular readers and commenters, and it is vital you take part in that. Whether you attract comments guest blogging that are positive and negative, the very least you should do is to thank others for their feedback and for taking the time to read your submission.

NEVER be overbearing, abusive, or try to pick personal fights with others. This is only the internet, after all!

Stuart Green, coming from an SEO marketing agency based in the UK, shares first-hand tips for guest bloggers. Bough SEO finds this applicable to different market sectors.


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    I agree with your points, especially the one about not promoting yourself in a guest post. I accept guest posts on all my blogs, and this is one of the requirements I insist on. I feel that yes, they are proving me with free content for my blog, but they are also getting a backlink to their site in return. They can do the promoting of themselves on their own site – and make their guest post good enough that readers want to click-through to their site :)

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