WP-Members 2.7.5 Translation Update Notice

The language files included in the WP-Members 2.7.5 release evidently were only in the tagged release, and not the svn trunk (which is where the automatic update is coming from).

So… if you updated prior to 10:40 AM US Central time, 6/14/2012 and you need specific language files that were included in the update, you should redownload (or at least check the svn repository).

If you have sent me a translation that was missed, I apologize Рplease contact me to resend.  Everything that is included in this release is what I currently have.

If you are able to update one of the languages that is missing some strings, please let me know so we can include an updated version with the download.

If you are a user of the plugin that relies on these translations, I thank you for your patience.  I am doing my best to get them updated and keep them updated so we can include them in the download package for everyone.


  1. says

    Hi Chad!!! this is a great plug in.
    I have the last version in my website, but have a problem with te register: the users create a register succesfully but then they can’t login. Appears an error legend:

    Identification Error!
    You entered an invalid username or password
    Click to continue

    What am i doing wrong??
    (Sorry for my awful english, i’m tryin not to use the google translator!!!)

    • says

      Hi Malena – sorry you are having issues – what you have described is a rare occurrence and there are two possible explanations – one would be a conflict with another plugin (such as a cacheing plugin), and the other possibility would be that the user is putting their information in incorrectly. Also note that passwords are case sensitive in WordPress.

  2. says

    Hi Chad,
    I use WPML to run a bilingual website. I have used the [wp-members page=”register”] shortcode to create my registration page, but the field labels are not translating, neither the standard ones (where I can see a french translation exists in the FR_fr.po file) or the custom fields I have created (WPML is not picking up the strings for translation) Other parts of the form translate perfectly.

    Any suggestions to resolve these issue? (I am not a programmer, so pls explain clearly)

    • says

      Hi Jasper – thanks for your efforts! You may contact me via the contact form on this site and I’ll give you instructions on emailing the files needed.

  3. Paula says

    I just noticed that if a member is not logged in and hits the reply button on a post, it takes them to the comment page \where there is a message saying they need to log in first with a login link. When they click on that login link on the reply page, it takes them to the backend login page in wordpress. Is there a way to replace that with the frontend login page from the WP-Members pluggin. I searched for a pluggin that had a front end login/registration feature and found yours to be the best. I have been using it since the end of May and am just noticing this. Having a backend login in this spot defeats the purpose.

    If there is not currently a way to fix this, is there any chance that it can be addressed in a future update?

    Thank you very much for your time.


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