WP-Members 2.7.5 Released

Coinciding with the release of WordPress 3.4, I have released WP-Members 2.7.5.

This release of the plugin fixes a couple of minor issues, includes a number of new filters, and now the download contains translation files.

See this post for a list of features and updates.

While I already have started the 2.8 release project, my focus now is going to be on migrating to a new support site.  I’ll be announcing more about that in the near future.

(If you use a translation with WP-Members, please see this post regarding some updated files you may need.)


  1. says

    Hi Chad,

    A big thanks for your continued development and support on this terrific plugin.

    The 2.7.5 release looks great. However, any thoughts on integrating paypal and paid registration for a future release?


    • says

      There is a subscription module in development, and will probably be made available to users of a new premium support site I have in development. Regardless of how it is determined to be distributed, it’s a ways off from being ready for release.

    • says

      Hi Don – long story short, I used to maintain a demo site of the default install of the plugin with TwentyTen theme, but no longer do. I am launching a premium support site for the plugin and that site runs completely on WP-Members. That would be a good example to look at if you want to see how extensible the plugin framework is since the site showcases some good examples of custom forms, custom CSS, and some other things. It would be important to note that all of it is done without making changes to the code, simply using the filter/action hooks that are available in the plugin and a custom stylesheet. The site is rocketgeek.com

  2. Maximillion says

    Hi Chad,
    I installed WP-Members™ 2.7.5 on wordpress 3.3.1. but there is a big problem. users cant login into there account from sidbar or on the post login fields. it keep giving Login Failed!


    • says

      There are no known issues with logins in this version. Also, you should be using version 2.7.6 as that is now the most recent production version.

      Was this an upgrade or a new install?
      Are you using any type of cache plugin?

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