WP-Members 2.7.5 in final testing

I am in the final testing phase of the WP-Members 2.7.5 update.

The following is a list of updates to be included in this release:

Final deprecation of the old style shortcodes for special pages (<!–members-area–>, <!–reg-area–>). If you are using these you need simply need to update to the modern shortcodes such as [wp-members page=”members-area”]

New filters inlcude:

  • wpmem_block – can filter the value for post/page blocking. This will allow you to create your own criteria for blocking or unblocking content. The filter can pass through the plugin’s value unchanged, or can change it.
  • wpmem_user_edit_heading – Can filter the text displayed for the heading the members area (“Edit Your Information”).
  • wpmem_register_heading – Can filter the text displayed for the heading for “New Users Registration”.
  • wpmem_tos_link_txt – can filter TOS link text that is displayed.
  • wpmem_notify_addr – can filter the admin address(es) that new registration notification is sent to.  Currently, the plugin sends to the WP admin address specified in the WP Settings by default.  This filter allows you to override that and send to a different address or multiple addresses.

Added a check for the error message variable immediately following the wpmem_pre_register_data and wpmem_pre_update_data action hooks.  This will allow for use of these hooks to include your own custom validation and still be able to return a relevant error message.

This release includes a bug fix for the “Edit Your Information” heading (on the members-area page) that displays the incorrect heading when in the error message state.

If you use a translation file with the plugin, this new version includes a completely updated .pot file and all of the .po/.mo files that have been provided to me (all the .po/.mo files have been updated to the new .pot and there are missing strings in all of them, so if you update one, be sure to let me know so it can be included).


  1. efishinsea says


    I’m trying to use the ‘wpmem_notify_addr’ filter from this example (http://rocketgeek.com/plugins/wp-members/users-guide/filter-hooks/wpmem_notify_addr/) to add additonal ADMIN email addresses to the response that gets sent out after registration. It does not seem to be working though. I’ve tried several tests and the original ADMIN email still gets the responses, and none of my custom email addresses do…

    This code just gets dropped into the functions.php file, right?


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