Updates to translations

To those of you who use a localized (translated) version of the plugin, thanks for your patience!  I have been so far behind on getting translations updated and organized, and I still have a way to go before everything is the way I want to have it.

In the meantime, I have made a major update to the translations page.  I have posted all of the most recent translation files that have been sent to me or provided via link in the comments.

To those of you who have provided a translation file, I thank you for your contribution to the plugin!

Much of the pre 2.7.1 development of the plugin has been focused for some time on providing additional features.  There is generally a lot of programming that goes into the admin side if there are new features.  That process, more often than not, requires additional strings of text.

Currently, I think we are pretty solid on adding anything that will require additional translation strings (although those features may pop up from time to time).  Most of the current development in the 2.7.x versions has been providing additional action and filter hooks to give the plugin greater extensibility for customization.  This hasn’t required much in the way of updates to the translations, although I have gone through and fixed some items that were missing from the .pot file.

I have not determined exactly how I want to manage the future submission process, but some level of organization will be forthcoming.  As has been suggested (and I totally agree), I will begin including translation files in the plugin download.  This way, it will reduce the new users need to force translations in for certain databased elements (those of you who have used $chk_force know what I am talking about), and more importantly, it will prevent localized users from having to reload a translation file when they upgrade.

As we move forward, I’ll have a more formalized submission process in place, but for now, if you need a translation, have a look on the translation page.

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