WP-Members 2.7.4 final release

I have released the production version of WP-Members 2.7.4.  This release is little changed from the release candidate of the version that was previously available.

Users should see too much functional difference between this and version 2.7.3 as the majority of changes involve the addition on new filter hooks.

This version also includes a full user export option on the WP-Members Users page.

For a list of new features in this release, see this post.


  1. Michael says

    Hi Chad, thank you for creating one of the best plugins, I hope people who are using WP-Members take the opportunity to donate a few bucks or enough to at leat buy you an energy drink for all the hard work. The documentation and your support is priceless.

  2. says

    Hi Chad. WP-Members is a wonderful plugin, thank you for taking the time to create it! I have noticed one issue, though. The display in Chrome of my new user registration form doesn’t look right. Here’s the page: http://gremco.parisleaf.com/for-residents/. Notice how the password fields are misaligned. This problem doesn’t occur in any other browser. I’ve messed around in the CSS, but I can’t figure out why just the password fields would be displaying incorrectly, with everything else aligned perfectly. Any suggestions?

    • says

      *feeling sheepish* Ok, so I realized that I somehow had my browser set to zoom in for only that page, which was making the form display weird. I reset the browser zoom, and the form looks perfect. My apologies :)

  3. says

    The best solution for WordPress to create membership site. Good-Job!
    By the way, I wrote add-in for WP-members to restrict by category. Now it’s available on wordpress.org plugins.directory. Please search Members Category plugin if you are interested.

    • says

      Thanks Yamada San! I appreciate your comments and I’ll definitely take a look at the category add-on.

  4. says

    Thank you for all your great work.
    Under multisite, I want to permit an office manager to monitor the approval of new users. I’ll bulk upload the initial user list. Then hand over control to the office manager.
    I could not find this in the faq, etc.
    Thank you,

    • says

      Not sure what kind of results you will get in multisite… However, users that manage user approvals need to have admin capability at this time. I do have some changes coming in the near future that will change that so that a role with manage users capability could do it.

  5. Nancy Graziano says

    Hi Chad,

    I love your plugin and am just getting started learning just how powerful it is. I have come across a slight problem that I hope you might be able to shed some light on.

    I basically have my entire site locked down except for my landing page and the corresponding registration page. I have had 5-10 users register successfully without a problem. However, two of them have mentioned that they are unable to complete their registrations – they receive a message about needing to provide a valid email address. In addition, one of these users mentioned that he was unable to enter his first name in the field on the reg form. FWIW, users have been able to successfully register after these two occurrences/glitches.

    At first I thought the email error message might be a glitch with providing a Yahoo email address since they both were using that, but there are several other members with Yahoo email that registered just fine, so I don’t think that is it. One of the two affected users is using IE – I am still waiting to hear back from the other.

    I will continue to dig on my end, but thought I would touch base to see if you – anyone else – may have an idea as to what is going on…


    • says

      If you have most users registering with not problem, then the probable issue here is likely user error. The email validation process is a native WordPress function that is pretty solid.

      One possibility would be that if you have any issues with the form layout that may occur in a different browser, if the fields were out of alignment a user could think he was filling out the email field when in fact he was filling out something else. But that would be a remote possibility. If you find that both users that had a problem were using the same browser, I suggest seeing if they were also using the same version of that browser and if that might be an older version (such as IE 6 or something). That might give you a clue as to whether this might be the problem.

  6. olivia says

    Hi Chad,

    You are great and your plugin is excellent work, very well done. Can you please help me out….
    I installed the upgrade and the registration is not aligned anymore. I copied the wp-member.css to my theme directory and try to make some changes. But no matter what I change, it is not reflect on the web page, not sure what I missed, can you please help. Please take a look at this page: http://coffeebreakonly.com/login-2/.

    Is it possible for you to give me some direction, I want to make the form slightly small and line it up. Like I said, after the upgrade to 2.74, the form is not lining up anymore. Thanks a million for helping.

    • says

      The link you gave here gives a 404 error so I’m not sure if you have taken it down or mistyped the link. I’ll take a look, but I’ll need something to look at.

  7. olivia says

    Hi Chad,

    I have one more question: I added the “login status” on the sidebar. Currently, if you are not login, it will display, you are currently not login and a small form for you to type in your login name and pw. What I want is only to display you are currently not login (without the area for you to type in user ID or pw). Is it possible to do that? if so, please explain how to do it.


    • says

      I believe you asked this on another page as well – you can call the function wpmem_login_status. If you want something that is a widget, the widget does exactly what it does – it provides a login box for users that are not logged in and shows the login status for users that are. So if you want to go outside of that, you’ll need to know enough php to be able to call wpmem_login_status somewhere in your sidebar (or wherever you want the status to be displayed).

  8. TheImageDoctor says

    I’m the admin on a website but need the user registration notifications to go to another email address. Where do I set this on your plug-in? Thank you.

    • says

      The notification email currently only goes to the email address that is specified in you WordPress General Settings (under the Settings > General menu). I’ve had a couple of requests for being able to send to another address, and the easiest way for me to slip that in is to add a filter hook to the plugin, so I will commit to saying there will at least be a filter to customize this in whatever the next release of the plugin is. I’m not sure what the filter will be called, but if you what the blog or read the changelog in the readme file, it will be indicated in there.

  9. says

    Hi Chad,

    Is there a way (or workaround) to allow the registration moderator to see the registrant’s password when they receive a registration request or better still a copy of the subsequent email that goes off to the approved user? Occasionally the ‘moderated’ login details are not getting through to the user, because of SPAM filter setup I guess. It would be useful if the admin could forward on their details if they don’t arrive?


    • says

      It would definitely need to be in the form of a workaround. WP-Members operates under the same philosophy of security as WordPress – in this case, that means no one should ever have access to a user’s password, including the administrator – hence the reset process. Passwords are stored in the database in an encrypted format, so you can’t allow the moderator to see the user’s password.

      Best Practice:
      In the case of login credentials being caught in a spam filter, it’s not really a case of the details not arriving. It’s a case of looking in the right place for them. That aside, if the user does not receive login credentials, the most likely way you find out about this is from the user contacting you. It would be better to direct the user to the password reset process and they can have a new password generated and sent (although they’ll need to check that this also does not end up in spam). The less attractive alternative would be to set the user’s password in the user profile and notify the user.

      If you wanted to employ some type of workaround, I would probably err on the side of doubling up the email as you mentioned. The email that is sent via the activation process occurs in wpmem_a_activate_user found in wp-members-admin.php. You could edit this function to send your admin a copy of the email that is sent to the user. As this function is not a pluggable function, any workaround is going to need to be reapplied if you upgrade the plugin, so I would probably write a function to do this, and call it from within the wpmem_a_activate_user function which would make updates easier.

  10. says


    Thanks for the plugin, I think I’ve come across a bug..

    when you have more than one custom field in use the block doesn’t seem to work (I keep tabs on crosspost and source in custom fields and anything that’s got more than just the block is not blocked, if I delete the other field values from the post it’s fine.


    • says

      That is quite odd, especially since I do have a site that I use the production code on that has quite a few custom fields related to various other plugins and there is no problem with blocking/unblocking there. The way posts are stored and the query is generated, it is strange that you would get this behavior because one meta is unrelated to any other except for the post id. Not really sure what to tell you at this point other than there has to be some reason beyond simply having more than one meta for the post.

      • says

        Hmm… that’s odd. I wonder if it’s something do do with the syndication of the posts… thanks for clearing it up (knowing it’s my problem is I guess half of the solution)

  11. Piters Macri says

    Hello Chad.

    My users can only access a restricted area after being approved.

    The problem is that when they receive e-mail the information that their entries were accepted, the password field [password] is blank.

    When you register directly without moderation, they receive the data correctly.

    What happens?

    Thank you.


    • says

      If you’ve set the plugin to allow user-chosen passwords in combination with registration moderation, then you cannot send the password when the user is approved (which is the default), you need to send it with the initial email.