WP-Members 2.7.4 Release Announcement

I am finishing up an update to the plugin that will be version 2.7.4.  This is primarily a feature release with a couple of fixes.

You can download the version 2.7.4 release candidate from the WordPress Plugin repository here.

New features in this release are predominantly filter hooks that did not make it in during the previous 2.7.x releases.

  • wpmem_login_form_before – comes before the login form, allows you to add content ahead of the form itself.
  • wpmem_login_form – comes after the login form is compiled, allows you to add content after the login form, or to filter the login form itself.
  • wpmem_register_form_before – same as the _login_form_before, but with the registration form.
  • wpmem_register_form – same as the _login_form, but with the registration form.
  • wpmem_recaptcha – allows you to filter the recaptcha form
  • wpmem_login_failed – filters the login failed message including the <div> tags and styling.
  • wpmem_msg_dialog – filters the error/confirmation message dialog, including the <div> tags and styling.
  • wpmem_sidebar_form – similar to the main login form filter, filters the sidebar login form.
  • wpmem_login_failed_sb – simliar to the main _login_failed filter, filters the sidebar login failed message.
  • wpmem_email_newreg – filters the body of the new registration email.
  • wpmem_email_newmod – filters the body of the new moderated registration email.
  • wpmem_email_appmod – filters the body of the approved registration email.
  • wpmem_email_repass – filters the body of the password reset email.
  • wpmem_email_notify – filters the body of the admin notification email.

New features:

Full user export


  1. Jon says

    Could you add an option to turn on reCAPTCHA on the login form? I have been having issues with people using automated programs to guess the login password and this causing the site to use too many resources on my shared hosting. Or if you can suggest a plugin that would let me have a page where a user enter a reCAPTCHA and then gets redirected to the login page only if it is successful.

  2. says

    I have having issue with forget password function, I keep getting this message

    “Either the username or email address do not exist in our records.”

    can you help?


    • says

      WP usernames are generally case sensitive. The email verification is not.

      Also, if you are using moderated registration, then accounts that are not activated will result in that message as well.

      • says

        Thank you for your feedback.

        I used all lower case for testing, and the user is in the backend, activated, I can’t not reset pass word, but also can not use the same user name to create new account.

        is there any add on plugin I need to install to get this function working?

        Thanks again for your time

        • says

          If you are using a release prior to 2.7.4, the email is case sensitive. Other than that, if you put in the correct username/email combination, the function works.

  3. makar says

    Hi Chad,

    Is it with this update also possible to hide all pages behind the login page?
    The site i’m working on is blocking all that is in index.php but doesn’t effect the header.php and sidebar.php.
    this is the login: http://www.klaslokaalexperiment.nl/wordpress/ just perfect, but if you go to the dashboard the page after login in then you still see content of the header and the login dissapears.. http://www.klaslokaalexperiment.nl/wordpress/dashboard/ .

    Thanks in advance,

    Do you have any solutions?

    • says

      makar – that’s not what this plugin does. The flow is not to hide and/or make private the entire site. If that’s what you need, then you need a different plugin.

  4. says

    Quick question. the plugin is working almost perfect for me! Thanks. The one thing that I can’t figure out is why my registrants aren’t receiving an automated email with their registration info. I left the moderation box UNCHECKED. Not sure what I should do. Any advice?

    Thanks, Traci

  5. says

    Follow up question – I requested that an email be sent to me to inform me of new registrants. This is happening. The email states they user is awaiting validation. Where can I validate? This would be one way to solve the issue of my users not getting their emails. Thanks again. T

    • says

      If some but not all emails are being received, then it might be an issue with your host. Some hosts have tight throttle controls set on emails being sent from web scripts. You might want to try using a plugin like WP Mail SMTP to see if that solves your issue.

    • says

      If you are not moderating registrations, then you can just change the admin notification email to take that out. (The default install includes it because the majority of users that use the admin notification are also moderating registrations.) The emails are found in the plugin’s settings under the email tab.

  6. Janet says

    Hi Chad…

    I am using this for a client just to create a simple blocked page of content for their clients. (sales, etc).

    On the members page, I would like there to be a back link or listing of the links when you go to “reset password” or “edit your information” In case someone changes their minds. Without having to use a back button.

    Same thing for the login page, when you click on “Reset password” I would like there to be a “back to login” link in case someone remembers.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  7. says

    is there a bug lists?
    I’ve downloaded the RC 2.7.4 and if you fill with a wrong capcha code during registration, there is no text in the message area.
    he’s missing after line 122 in wp-members-register.php
    $wpmem_themsg = $wpmem_captcha_err;

    • says

      Thanks for your post Mauro. However, there are no open bugs cataloged for the reCAPTCHA process and 2.7.4 makes no changes in this area.

      I’m not sure why you might be experiencing a problem. The value of $wpmem_captcha_err is globalized and is gets picked up at wpmem_securify to be displayed. If there is no text at all in the message area, the probable cause is that you are testing on a domain that does not match that listed in your API key (such as http://localhost).

  8. says

    This may have been asked elsewhere, but how do users retrieve lost usernames? I see how they can ask for their password to be reset, but what can be done if they forgot their username?


      • says

        This is really not acceptable.
        If a user forgets their password, it’s quite likely they will not remember both their username AND email address along with the correct case.

        The WordPress codex requires either a username or email address, both are not case sensitive. It seems a plugin with the maturity of WP-Members should follow the same, or at least that option.

        • says

          We have a fundamental difference of opinion here. There are several ways to approach plugin security in regards to resetting forgotten passwords. In the case of this plugin, I have made the decision to go a specific direction for a specific reason. There are many users of this plugin with different security needs. This approach strikes the best achievable balance for now. It may be that I provide an option in the future to change it, but that’s not on the project list at this time.

  9. says

    Hi Chad,
    Thanks for your work. The Italian language for 2.7.4 version is on line now on my new site.
    I asked to register for download files, but now all is free. Only comments are moderated.
    There is a link to uploag or send you translated files ?
    my best regards.

  10. says

    Hi Chad,

    Falling in love with this plugin the more I get to tweak it. Thanks for the amazing work! My question is regarding reCAPTCHA. I’d like to move the reCAPTCHA down a slightly and to the right. Can you point me in the right direction? I couldn’t find anything the .CSS. I’m using the wp-members-2011.css.


    • says

      Andy – the CAPTCHA has a class of .captcha. If you define that with appropriate padding or margins you should be able to move the reCAPTCHA to where you want it.