WP-Members 2.7.3 Release Announcement

This release of the popular WP-Members plugin is mostly a code improvement release.

Most of these code improvements should be transparent to the user, but improve on the performance in certain areas of the plugin.  Here is a description of updates, including files and functions that have changes (important to note if you have any plugged functions):



  • added variable definitions in wpmem_admin (a debug fix).
  • added isset for $_POST[‘wpmem_admin_a’], wrapped switch in wpmem_admin (a debug fix).


  • removed $chkreq for error highlighting rows on required fields wpmem_a_build_fields (a debug fix).
  • cleaned up wpmem_a_build_fields function for consistent tabs and code spacing.
  • removed unneeded value comparison (which created undefined offset) for the add checkboxes (a debug fix).


  • added definitions: $show = $lcas = $curr = ”; (a debug fix).
  • removed unneeded $show = $_GET[‘show’]; (a debug fix).
  • added $class = ” instead of above (a debug fix).



  • added ‘field’ shortcode for displaying user data with a shortcode.



  • added p tag with class .noinput to the username field when updating profile and corressponding property definition to the stylesheet to better align the username.
  • added css property to better align checkboxes in the reg form (actually a change to wp-members.css).
  • added a class to captcha, and corresponding css property (in wp-members.css) for top/bottom margin of captcha.
  • NOTE: wpmem_inc_registration_NEW will be deprecated in version 2.8 and the contents of this function will be moved into wpmem_inc_registration.


  • added wpmem_restricted_msg filter hook to filter the restricted post message.


  • added wpmem_login_failed filter hook to filter the login failed message (includes filtering display markup).



  • added wpmem_login_failed_sb filter hook to filter the login failed message in the sidebar (filters message only, not formatting).


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