WP-Members™ climbs in popularity

Well, once again I come to the users of WP-Members™ and say thanks!  WP-Members™ has again climbed into the top 100 most popular plugins in the wordpress.org repository.  Currently, it is sitting at #94 (that’s on page 7 out of 1227).  That is out of 18,421 plugins now available in the repository.

So, thank you.  Some other positives: 

We also crossed the 130,000 downloads milestone today.  That’s a lot of downloads!

The three month average Alexa rank for the site is now consistently in the 65,000 range.

So, thanks for being a part of the action. A plugin with no users gets nowhere.

If you are a happy user of the plugin, would you please take some the time to rank it at wordpress.org?  Just go here, login, and click the star ranking on the right hand side.  If it’s not too much to ask, go for 5 stars… if you don’t think it’s worthy of 5, I understand.  But I believe there are a few curmudgeons who gave it a one star ranking and brought down the average.  These are the same people who don’t follow the installation instructions and then mark it broken.

Anyway, thanks again for the support!  More features (especially hooks and filters) to come in the near future!

  • http://wordpress4you.russianblogger.ru/ Sveta

    I just installed the plugin and getting ready to use it ;).

  • http://wpsnipp.com kevin Chard

    Wow 130,000 downloads, congratulations Chad. Keep up the great work on a great plugin.

    • http://butlerblog.com Chad

      Thanks Kevin!

  • http://www.wilycode.com Robert

    Hi Chad,
    I am impressed with the level of support you provide for this plugin. I think it will be very useful for the implementation of a custom shopping cart I’m making for a client. I might need to make an adjustment or two so I can create a custom account area including other controls (like updating payment info through authorize.net) and so the registration process includes a payment, but this is a great start!

    • http://butlerblog.com Chad

      Thanks Robert – and thanks for the feedback.

  • http://ewebasset.com John BR

    Chad, I am thrilled to learn that the tool which has turned my site into a well oiled machine remains ever so popular. I am always with you on this. Thanks for your great support too.

    And yes, nothing less than five star it is from me, simply because it is well deserved.

    Cheers, John

    • http://butlerblog.com Chad

      Thanks John!!

  • http://www.cosmomedica.com Raul

    Hi Chad!
    Your plugin is great!!!
    I’m using it in a develop for a client of mine, and it is perfect for our needs.
    I have a little trouble. I’m trying to deactivate a required field but after pressing “Update fields” nothing happens… :(


    • http://butlerblog.com Chad

      Are you using a caching plugin, per chance? If so, try it with that deactivated.