WP-Members 2.7.1 and new code cross reference

As always, releasing a set of new features results in the need for some fixes.  2.7.0 is no exception.  I am working on a fix release which will be 2.7.1.  This will include a rebuild of the default email content installation, as well as the following: 

  • Remove the Password field from the notify admin [fields] shortcode. It delivered a blank value anyway, but it should be skipped altogether.
  • Correct the sidebar widget div tag. The updated widget inadvertantly removed the “wp-members” div id, 2.7.1 will bring that back.
  • Some fixes to the form field validation process (invalid email/username).
  • Move the send-from filters into the WP-Members email functions.  This will prevent them from conflicting with other wp_mail settings you may or may not want.  Since these are optional anyway, you can still do a sitewide filter if necessary.
  • Updated the login function to fix the “remember me” value.

There is always something on the project list, so the final 2.7.1 release could include more, but will at least include the above.

In addition to that, I have been working quite a bit on a number of new things for WP-Members users.  One is that I intend to wrap up this plugin and others that I have into a new consulting group that will focus on supporting the plugins as well as be available for WordPress consulting and development work.

This end of the project will include priority support, a new user forum (have you seen the list of comments on the WP-Members page?), an email subscription newsletter, a more rigid editorial calendar for blog posts, and more.

Along that line, I’ve added a PHP Cross Reference of the WP-Members code for the 2.7.0 version.  Feel free to have a look.  For those of you that like to customize plugin (especially if you are creating pluggable functions), this should help you.  (If you don’t know how to user PHPXref, Joost de Valk has an excellent tutorial video here.)

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