WP-Members 2.6.6 bug fix
release and 2.7 announcement

Well, I thought that version 2.7 was going to be the next release, but an astute user pointed out that there was a bug that needed to be addressed from the 2.6 series of releases.  I thought about cutting the 2.7 project list down and releasing what was complete so far along with the bug fix.  But after giving that much consideration, I felt that the bug release was ready to go and I would really like to get all of the new features for 2.7 into the final product.  

So, this evening there will be a bug fix release.  This will be version 2.6.6.  What is corrects is this: If you are using fields that are not set to display (used on the admin side only), if a user updates his data on the front end, it will clear the admin-only data fields.  The 2.6.6 bug fix release will correct this problem.

As far as releasing 2.7, I expect to have it out before the end of the year.  The primary new feature of 2.7 is admin customization of the email messages that are sent by the plugin.  This will allow you to set the wp_mail ‘from’ address if necessary and will allow you to customize any of the emails that the plugin sends out.  This feature is essentially complete and in final testing.

Some other new features that are pending completion are support in the field management panel to add dropdown lists, an option to allow users to set their own passwords at registration, and making the TOS option a page rather than a dialog.

After the first of the year, I intend to focus development time on the completion of two premium add-ons for the plugin: a subscription module with payment gateway, and a user stats package.  Both of these have been in development, but I just haven’t had the time to complete them.  I expect them both to be available before the end of Q1 2012.

That’s all for now.  I’ll have more information regarding plans for 2012 soon.


  1. jon says

    The email customization is great, have been waiting for something like that. For the ones next year, will the payment gateway be your own/partners or are you going to be provinding support for third party processors? Would love to have the subscription payment and registration automated. I use ccbill.

    • says

      Hi Jon – thanks for the comments. Yes, the email customization will be a great new feature. That’s something that a lot of users have asked for, and I’ve wanted to get it out there for quite awhile. It’s been in the works for awhile and is finally ready for release. It definitely will make the plugin for flexible.

      As for the subscription module, it will likely start with only PayPal. I will be looking at other possibilities and depending on ease of integration, there might be some additional processors by the time I finish the project. I’ll definitely look at ccbill.

  2. Maynard says

    Hi! Everytime I click forgot password, it go to members directory instead to the link where I can reset my password. How can I correct this problem? Thanks.

    • says

      That would indicate that you do not have the url for the members-area set correctly in the plugin’s settings. Review the steps for setting up the members-area in the Users Guide or the Quick Start Guide and set the url of that page in the plugin settings.

    • says

      Something’s not right with the WordPress Plugin SVN repository as it is showing 2.6.5, but even if you mouse over it and look at the link it is linking to the 2.6.6.zip file. I’ll look into that, but it’s going to be a moot point in a few days as I expect to release 2.7 soon.

      But you really only need this update if you use admin only fields (by leaving “display” unchecked and setting data in them on the admin side).

  3. says

    Hi Chad, there is one thing that I still am waiting for to be fixed, and that is for the register function to be made pluggable. As it is now I have to update that part every upgrade and that is a bit of a pain. The reason I need it pluggable is because I generate a Teamspeak 3 token at registration. It is just that check for whether it has loaded or not, but it still is annoying.

    • says

      Hi Mikael – that’s not too tall a request (although I wouldn’t say it’s something that needs to be “fixed” as that would imply something is broken; this would be more of a feature request). I’ve added the appropriate wrapper for the 2.7 release. 2.7 is nearing completion and I am still targeting a release date of somewhere around Dec 30 – Jan 2.

  4. says

    I am installing your plug in and when I implement the Members page short code, the members page is prepoplulated within the email textbox with

    When I click clear form… it does not work.

    I can enter my email addy into the email text area and click submit and it then updates.

    If I then go back and click edit my information I get the following

    in the text field

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