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As many of you know, I test a lot of plugins.  Most of the plugins that I have published reviews of in the past are of the free variety.  It’s not that I don’t like commercial plugins.  On the contrary, there are a lot of good commercial plugins out there.  One of those that is definitely worth a look is OptinBar.

Optinbar is a premium wordpress plug-in that allows you to display an elegant and professional email list opt-in form on your site.  11 very sharp and professional themes/templates are included, with 5 button styles and 13 button colors.  You can modify, mix and match, and the combinations are endless.

Building a list can be critical for blogging success, and OptinBar makes the process of setting up an opt-in form or modal very easy, and IMO, very effective.

Easy customization makes this premium plugin very flexible.  With its built-in WYSIWYG editor you can change color, position, and much more.  All from with-in your WordPress admin panel.

OptinBar is compatible with all the major email marketing services. simply paste in your form code, click save, and you’re good to go!  But you do not have to be using an email marketing service.  If you have your own list system, it can be just as easily integrated.

The OptinBar web site has demos available of all of the forms that are included in the plugin.  There is also a “lite” version available for free so you can try it out.  But I recommend you just go with the full version.  I bought a copy to use on a couple different sites, and I am quite happy with it.

Tony Lea, the developer of OptinBar, provides good support for the plugin.  I had some initial difficulties (that actually turned out to be something on my end) and he was not only very responsive in a timely manner, he also was very conscientious about quality control.  That’s something you definitely want to see in a commercial plugin developer!

So, based on its professional look, the full featured admin panel, and top-tier support, you can add OptinBar to the list of recommended plugins.

UPDATE: Please consider my current recommendation of OptinBar on hold.  I still think it’s a great plugin.  However, I’ve had some feedback from users on support issues not being followed up on. 

I emailed Tony Lea a few days ago and haven’t heard back.  So I have posted a support ticket as well.  I want to give him the benefit of the doubt here because he was responsive in the past, so I will give him some time to respond.  But if he is no longer supporting the plugin, I will need to withdraw my recommendation.

Get it now!

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  1. says

    Ola! Chad,
    I take your point, Shadowbox JS is one of the simplest plugins to use, but it can have a dramatic effect on the professionalism and modern feel of your website.
    All the Best

  2. says


    How did you get help with the plugin? I have left a couple of support tickets and asked for help in the forum.

    I have had no response at all. The plugin is great…if it works. I don’t care if you don’t publish my comment, I just want to know how to make it work.

    I can activate the plugin, but only the default works. None of my settings stay saved.

    Anyway, I have had my rave and I am disappointed with the ‘optinbar’ support.

    • says

      Hi Susan – sorry to hear that your experience was less than stellar. Maybe not so obviously, I am not necessarily affiliated with the developer other than I purchased the product, found it to be useful, and am recommending it. I certainly don’t like to hear that a product I recommended is not supporting their product.

      I know the developer uses ZenDesk for support. Was that where you posted a support ticket? How long ago? Please keep me updated – I’ll want to evaluate whether I’ll continue to recommend the product or not.

      • says

        Hi Chad,

        I posted a ticket on the 29th March and followed up on the 4th April. There are actually 3 of us in the forum waiting for help.

        One person is like me. He has submitted a ticket, with 2 follow ups and is asking for a response in the forum.

        I am really disappointed because it is a brilliant plugin with excellent options.

        I would also like to add that it is nice to meet an honest reviewer!

        • says

          Susan – thanks for letting me know this. I’ll email the developer, although I don’t know that I’ll get any farther than you have. If I don’t hear anything, that will certainly effect the future of my recommending the plugin. Please keep in touch and let me know if/when you get resolution.

    • Greg says

      Hey man, I also purchased this plugin and it would not turn on. The turn on button wasn’t working. I left them 10 messages they never replied never refunded. DON’T BUY THIS PLUGIN. IT’S A SCAM. The owner is a scumbag!!!!!!! NO SUPPORT WHAT SO EVER!!!

      • says

        I’m afraid I have to support Greg’s comment. I still have heard nothing after numerous messages…and I won’t use a plugin I can’t trust.

        I’d just like to say thanks again Chad…but for me the “case is closed” and the verdict “no support means beware of plugin – use at own risk”.

        • says

          Thanks Susan and Greg for the updates. That is certainly disappointing to hear because I thought this plugin had a lot of potential. But with no support, it’s not worth it. If a plugin is going to be successful as a commercial offering, then it absolutely must have support. “I’ve been busy” is not a valid excuse. As a plugin developer myself, I understand it can be difficult to balance the need for support with the need for development, but as a consumer, I also expect at least a minimum level of service.

          Anyway, to reiterate to others what Susan and Greg have pointed out, there is a lack of support for this plugin, so I can’t recommend it. My suggestion to others is to look for an alternative – commercial or free.

    • Patrice says

      OptinBar does NOT work. I installed on my 3.5.1 version of wordpress and all the pages went blank. When I deactivated, the pages went back.

      Developer blows off all emails and support tickets. I contacted Clickbank and they refunded my money quickly. Apparently a lot of people have been screwed by the positive reviews.

  3. says

    Just letting you know I haven’t heard anything and don’t expect to now. I see you have tried, or are in the process of still waiting yourself.

    I have now deleted the plugin off all my sites as I can’t see it being resolved. Pity it was an excellent plugin, but I have wasted enough time on it…and now money.

    Thanks again Chad!

    (PS Are you on Google+ so I can follow you there?)

    • says

      Hi Susan – that is disappointing to hear. I had posted a support ticket as well and Tony did respond to me. He indicated that he was behind and was getting caught up on support issues. But if you still haven’t heard anything, that doesn’t seem to be the case. As I said – disappointing that your experience was not a good one, but I’m thankful that you brought this to my attention so I can update/edit my review accordingly.

      I’m not on Google+ yet, but I probably will probably add that – I’ll let you know.

      Thanks for the feedback!

        • Alex says

          Hi Susan,

          I have exactly the same problems as you have. Did you get the “save option” solved?

          Chad, how about you? Is it possible for you to “save” a setting or do you have to re-type every optinbar every single time?

          • says

            For some reason I decided to check how my ticket was going…I figure 8 months is long enough…and it has been deleted, so I guess all my questions have been answered.

            Sad, because the sales page is a high ranking, well visited site, and I would have loved the support.

            I haven’t tried it on new designs because I like knowing any plugins I use are supported.

          • says

            Hi Susan – thanks for the update. That’s disappointing news. I had contacted the developer a while back and he responded that he was working through support tickets, but it sounds like your experience was different. Thanks for letting me know.

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