WP-Members™ 2.6.3 incremental code improvement release

Tonight I released WP-Members™ version 2.6.3.  This is an incremental code improvement release.

The primary minor code improvements:

  • reCAPTCHA noscript
  • fixed stripslashes for front end error messages
  • localization for “Clear Form” and “Submit” translation
  • removed unused globals from the registration forms

There are two larger pieces in this release.  The first is pagination for the bulk user management page.  When displaying all users, the group of users will paginate into 10 users listed per page.  When displaying all users not activated or exported, all users matching the criteria will be displayed.

The second larger feature is a little more complicated and won’t apply to everyone.  I’ve had a lot of requests for dropdown support (the form <select> tag).  At this point, a dropdown must be added programmatically (at install – see this post for instructions on how to do this).  An example of the needed array parameters is included in the install file.  Essentially, you need to add the following to include a dropdown select list:

  • Order to display
  • The label that will display next to the dropdown
  • The option name that this will be stored in the database as (no spaces)
  • The field type (in this case “select”)
  • Display parameter (generally, this will be “y”)
  • Required parameter (“y” for yes, “n” for no)
  • Native parameter (this will always be “n”)
  • An array of the dropdown values

The array of dropdown values will be the value displayed to the user, a pipe separator (“|”), and the value that will be stored in the database. This is as follows:

  • “Choice One|choice1″ would display “Choice One” to the user and if selected, put “choice1″ in the database.
  • “<–select–>|” would display “<–select–>” to the user and leave a blank value.
  • “|” would display a blank line (useful for separating into groups).

Putting it altogether, this is an example of the array that need to be added to include a dropdown:

array( 19, 'dropdown select', 'dropdown_select', 'select', 'y', 'n', 'n',
	array( '<---- Select One ---->|', 'Choice One|choice1', 'Choice Two|choice_two', '|', 'Example After Spacer|after_spacer' )

If all of that seems too complicated, just be patient.  The next release will include the admin side of this feature so you can just add dropdowns via the admin panel.


  1. timoto says

    Hello Chad

    I look forward to the next release with the dropdowns via admin panel.

    Is it the next release that will include the customised email notifications that you have been working on ?

    • says

      Hi timoto – yes, the next full version release is customized email. That will be 2.7. It looks like there will be a 2.6.4 release before though as there is a minor flaw in the new user activation function and since I need to put out a fix for that, there are a couple of other very minor fixes that can be included, one of which is that most annoying tag that gets inserted into the form after the “remember me”

  2. says

    Hi Chad,

    Great plugin! Does everything I want it to do!
    I was just wandering when the release of the version with the admin support for dropdowns is going to be released.

  3. Fred says

    HELP! I updated to 2.6.3 and now when I click on Activate User, then click the Update button all that happens is a blank screen. I refresh the page and it takes me back to the previous state of the page where I am viewing their information and they are awaiting activation.

  4. says

    Hi Chad,

    I very reluctantly updated the plugin because I always need to give an extensive description of what we want in the bio form. Up until now I have figured out where to put the description so it ends up under the bio field in the wp-members-dialogs.php file. But this time I can’t figure out how to get the bio requirements in the form at all.

    this is what I had in the description:

    *The “Biography” field is very important. There is very sensitive information here. Please let us know how you came to know Jesus. Why you would like to become a prayer partner and how you heard of us. Also give us the names and phone number of two references. One should be your pastor. After we recieve your registration form. You will get a call from Pastor David.

    could you please help


  5. Andrew Lian says

    I am running a website which is still not publicly available.

    I have encountered a problem with updating members.

    If I check the activation box and click the Update User button *on their profile* an internal server error (Error 500) is generated.

    If, on the other hand, I use the batch facility to activate the member, everything works correctly. This error only seems to apply to activation of members (I have not tried to deactivate but suspect the same will happen).

    Any advice? I am using a number of other plugins.

    Thank you very much

  6. Andrew Lian says

    Hello again

    Sorry to accumulate problems. This one has to do with the registration form,

    When a person registers on my site they have to fill a form which contains a combination of native WP fields and fields added through WP-members.

    Fields of first_name and last_name are required and displayed (and I believe get filled in by prospective members). However, they do not appear to be stored and they are certainly not displayed in the profile fields. If the profile is updated and first_name and last_name are added, then they are displayed correctly. It looks like the fields are not stored in the database. The email field is stored correctly.

    I would appreciate advice on this too.
    Thank you so much.


  7. Andrew Lian says

    Yes – I am using the W3 total cache plugin – should I disable it??? These caching plugins look like a 2-edged sword….

    Thanks for both messages

  8. Richard says

    Hello again Chad,

    Great to hear that this version included localization for “Clear Form” and “Submit”, but where do I change this? Maybe it’s me, but I cannot figure out where and how to do this translation…


    • says

      2.6.4 included an update POT file (but you don’t have to use that) – I believe the strings you are looking for are:

      #: wp-members-dialogs.php:361 wp-members-dialogs.php:705
      msgid "Submit"
      msgstr ""
      #: wp-members-dialogs.php:363 wp-members-dialogs.php:704
      msgid "Clear Form"
      msgstr ""
      • Richard says

        That worked like a charm – thanks!

        There is obviously something wrong with the Swedish lang files or how they are interpreted. As I mentioned in a previous comment, registration notification emails aren’t sent when using these lang files. I’ve now started to create new lang files based on 2.6.4 pot file using Poedit and so far this works. Haven’t translated all strings yet though… keeping fingers crossed.

        • Richard says

          Found it! This is the one causing emails not being sent:

          #: wp-members-email.php:74
          msgid “Your registration for %s has been approved”
          msgstr “Din registrering på %s har godkänts”

          If I reset that to default it all works fine again!

          Strange, huh?

          • Richard says

            Sorry for all the spam… but it seems as if I put the %s at the end of the string it works even when translated. That’ll be my workaround, but thought you might want to know nevertheless.

      • Richard says

        I’m going nuts. I’ve created and translated new wp-members-sv_SE.po and .mo files from scratchs using Poedit. I did about 80% of it first and it worked all fine, but now that I’ve translated all notification-emails content too the email alerts have stopped working again. But now it’s the new-user-pending-approval to admin that is not sent, with the uploaded SE lang-files here it’s the thanks-for-registering-pending-approval email to users that weren’t sent.

        Any idea what might be causing this? I’m running out of troubleshooting options…

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