A Lesson in New Media Marketing

Something I’ve blogged about before is the importance of new media (and an understanding thereof) in marketing. And one of the obvious outlets of new media marketing is YouTube.

Case in point – Take a look at “A Family Man is Still a Man” – a video campaign that shows what an ad for the Honda Odyssey might look like if actual mini-van dads got together and filmed a video.  Through effective use of video, it suggests to a family man like me that to live in the present is reality and I don’t have to somehow have a midlife crisis car just to compensate for my age.

To quote the creators:

“A Family Man is Still a Man” doesn’t glamorize the minivan or propose that it holds the key to recovering a lost youth; rather, the spot contends that living in the present, a family man can strike the right balance of fun, adventure, chaos, and cleanliness.

Watch the video of the Honda Odyssey 2012 Campaign and see what you think:

You can find out more about this project at www.minivancampaign.com

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  1. denvy jaokar says

    Love this article. Someone finally gets that a minivan does not have to be a car for boring people. I like this idea better than the swagger wagon…

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