WP-Members version 2.6 release announcement

Well, WP-Members version 2.6 has been released into production.  While it should update well, users upgrading from previous versions are advised to test it first in a non-production environment. Here is a list of some of the major updates: 

Shortcode Improvements

A major behind the scenes change in 2.6 involved a major rewrite to several core functions.  This will improve the way the plugin handles shortcodes, both its own and those that might appear in excerpts.  Also, a new shortcode has been added to show different content on the special members area/settings and registration pages based on login status.  Documentation of this will be included in the revised Users Guide.

Loading a stylesheet with enqueue_style

Another important feature that is behind the scenes applies to those users that are a little more programmatically inclined.  The front-end stylesheet for the plugin’s styles has been updated to load via the WP function enqueue_style.  No need to add a custom style sheet via the admin panel if you want to just programmatically add your own via functions.php.

Add/Delete registration fields and change field order

An important feature in this release is the ability to create/delete new registration fields from within the plugin’s admin panel.  You are also able to update the field order via a drag-and-drop interface.  All of this is very new, so I will be improving the add/delete and drag-and-drop interfaces over time.

In order to add or delete a field, you will need to check the add/delete checkbox in the table and click the “Update Fields” button.  Note: you will not be able to delete any fields in the list that are native WordPress fields.  However, as before, any fields that are not checked to display will not be used in the registration form.

Other updates

Other updates included various code improvements.

  • elimination of unused globals
  • updated certain functions to use more up-to-date native WP functions.
  • core now checks to see if the action variable ‘a’ is set before requesting it.
  • wpmem_securify scans for ‘more’ tag so that it will not truncate if the word “more” exists in the excerpt.
  • updated email validation/error message to registration process to use is_email().

There will probably be some ongoing updates to the 2.6 version if any bugs are reported, etc.  But the next step is to begin working on the 2.7 project list which will focus on email.  I will be adding an admin panel to customize the emails that are sent out by the plugin and I am thinking about integrating an email newsletter module (TBD).  As always, if you have feature requests, feel free to let me know.  I don’t guarantee that they will be included in any release, but I do consider each request.  If enough people request a feature, then it becomes much more likely to be included.


  1. says

    Hey Chad —

    I’m not sure what happened, but my clients updated the plugin, and now when I’m hitting settings, I am getting a diolog that says “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    I’m definitely logged in as an administrator… any ideas what’s going on? Did we do something wrong?

    Thanks for any help!

  2. Dorian Maria says

    I have just tryed 2.6.0 and there are some problems:
    1°) in plug in page settings option link does not works giving error ” you do not have rightd to access this page ” . It Works calling the right page from wp settings page under wp members voice.
    2°) Non registered user views only fields label and not imput field.

    What to do ?
    Thanks in advance

  3. says

    I to am getting this same error “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”. When I go to the admin panel under Users, to WP-Members, I see the list of all my members, but when I click on All | Not Active | Not Exported, all I get is that error. Please get me that fix, as I can’t approve anyone to my union’s website.



  4. Andrew Lian says

    Hello Chad and thanks for the fix about the privileges.

    I have two more issues:
    Please note that I am using the buddypress plugin.

    (a) First Problem. When users sign up they use the wp-members form. This is what I approve. When users login they *see* the buddypress profile (not wp-members) and when they try to edit their *profile* they edit their buddypress profile. When a user tries to see someone else’s profile they see the buddypress profile.

    Now… I have also created a *members area* where people can change their password and also their wp-members profile. Clearly it is not good to have 2 profiles accessed differently (actually, the wp-members profile does not seem to be accessible at all). I have printed out the full documentation but I cannot find a solution to this problem – nor do I seem to find any shortcodes other than the ones that I have deduced from instructions on how to set up registration pages etc.

    (b) Second Problem. On the registration form no SUBMIT button appears. I get the agreement to the TOS and a CLEAR button. I can activate submission by pressing , but I would prefer a SUBMIT button. Is there a solution, is it something peculiar to my installation???

    Thanks for any help.

  5. says

    Hi Chad

    I just updated the plugin and it failed and completely deleted the original plugin. Ive tried several times to reinstall and it keeps failing, what do I do now? Help!


  6. says

    Having a problem with WP-Members since upgrading to 2.6 (WP 3.2.1)
    I am not using the more tag and want to show all posts on the homepage to everyone and only restrict some pages.
    Since upgrading to 2.6, all posts on the home page are truncated at around 300 characters. It will even truncate in the middle of an html tag.
    Can I disable this behavior?


    • says

      Ok, I changed this manually, by editing the wpmem_do_excerpt function in wp-members-core.php and commenting away everything except the return statement. Problem solved, but a pref would be appreciated!
      Thanks for a great plugin!

      • says

        Michael – Thanks for catching this and pointing it out. That function was actually to be non-functional in this release. I am still testing as to how it will really function down the road. The intent is for it to operate if there is no ‘more’ tag present and provide a cleaner operation to the plugin. But it is far from ready for production.

        As I mentioned, it’s in the code, but was to be non-functional. Obviously, that’s a bug in the 2.6 release. I am releasing a bug fix release today that corrects that and some other bugs that were on the admin side. That will be 2.6.1. I’ll have a post on that when it is released.

        In the meantime, disabling the wpmem_do_excerpt function can be accomplished by commenting out line 103 in wp-members-core.php.

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