WP-Members™ video tutorial

Here is a nice video tutorial on how to install and set up WP-Members.  This was done by SiteSparker, who offers WordPress training, design, and hosting.  I’m glad they have listed WP-Members™ in their Plugin Favorites

While this video is better than anything I would put together myself, there are some caveats to the tutorial and some additions/changes.

  • The members area does have a shortcode [wp-members page="members-area"].  If you are using the new shortcode instead of the legacy shortcode shown in the video (the old html comment style shortcodes), you do not have to worry about what the page slug is.
  • There is not false value for the block custom field (although I should probably add one).  To override the default blocking of posts or pages, use unblock=true (not block=false).
If you are the video developer, feel free to contact me if you have any questions/clarifications on existing features or upcoming features.  I’d love to let you know what is coming.  Also there is a new Quick Start Guide and full Users Guide that are new since this video was created.

I want to thank Steve who posted this link to a video tutorial on WP-Members.


  1. says

    I am currently experiencing 2 issues.
    1. users do not have the option to reset their password if they forgot it

    2. So I thought maybe the problem was in the “settings” When trying to access this area I get an insufficient permission error, “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”
    The settings area that I cannot access is illustrated below:
    Settings | Deactivate | Edit WP access restriction and user registration. For more information and to download the Users Guide, visit http://butlerblog.com/wp-members. View the live demo at http://butlerblog.com/wpmembers. WP-Members(tm) is a trademark of butlerblog.com.

    Version 2.5.2 | By Chad Butler | Visit plugin site

    I have no idea what I am doing wrong? Other than that MANY thanks for designing a non-wordpress registration!!! The other components are working beautifully.

    • says

      Michele – thanks for your comments. Users do have the option of resetting their password. This is handled via the members settings page. If you are unfamiliar with setting this up, it is explained in the Users Guide. The link for resetting a forgotten password will appear under the login form on this page if a user is not logged in. If you add the location of the Member Settings page in the plugin’s options, this link will show under all login forms.

      Regarding accessing the plugin settings. It appears you are using version 2.5.2. There is a bug in that version when accessing the settings via the plugins page. You have two choices – (1) upgrade to the current version or (2) access the settings via Settings > WP-Members on the admin sidebar menu.

      • Michele Roper says

        thanks Chad i can now get to the setting page I did create the “members area” page and the lost password link appears.
        Existing users Login


        Remember me

        Forgot password? Click here to reset

        New User? Click here to register

        I get an error message saying that page cannot be found. Do I need to add a lost password page to the site?

  2. says

    yes i have custom permalinks /%category%/%postname%/ still not allowing users that are not logged in to request a password change. Maybe this is not able to be done. Only users logged into the site can manage their passwords?

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