WordPress shortcode available for Google Books

My first guest blog post over at WordPress Code Snippets is a code snippet to add the Google Books viewer into your posts using an easy shortcode.  Go check it out.  While you’re there, be sure to check out the rest of the site for other useful snippets! [ Read my site review of WordPress […]

Site Review: WP Engineer

WP Engineer is a great site for WordPress developers and power users loaded with tips and tricks for WordPress.  It is the brainchild of three self-proclaimed “WordPress Junkies,” Alexander Frison, Frank Bültge, and Michael Preuss, each a WordPress developer in his own right.  

Finding the perfect theme vs. What’s my time worth

A great many WordPress users (yours truly included) spend a lot of time hunting down themes looking for that “perfect” theme to fit their new site.  They scour through loads of free themes and theme clubs looking for that one that is just right.  Once they’ve found something they like, then they spend a great […]

Site Review: WordPress Code Snippets

Are you a WordPress admin, developer, designer, or otherwise creating WordPress sites? Do you struggle with finding good examples of the power of hooks and filters in customizing your WordPress installation?  Then you need to bookmark WordPress Code Snippets at wpsnipp.com. 

Hard disk forensics and data recovery

So your hard disk crashed and you’ve lost all your data – important files, photos of the kids, your contact list and save emails.  You are frustrated because you know you should have been performing backups on a regular basis, but you didn’t and now the data is gone for ever.  Or is it? It’s […]

WordPress Email Settings: Changing the wp_mail address with a simple plugin

The ability to customize WordPress email settings in the admin panel is essentially non-existent.  So what if you want to change the default email address that WordPress sends email from.  Generically this is [email protected], and who wants that?  I know I don’t.  You probably don’t either. In a previous post, I discussed how you can […]

Forcing translated field names when using translation files with WP-Members™

WP-Members™ stores all of its registration field names and some of the user dialogs in the WordPress database.  If you are installing localized translation files for WP-Members™ on a WordPress installation where you have already activated the WP-Members™ plugin, you will likely find that the translated fields names do not load into the database.