Successful Niche Marketing Begins With Knowing What People Are Searching For

If you want to become successful at marketing on the Internet, you’ve got to know what people are looking for. You could build the best site about “Whiz-Bang Widget Doodles” but if no one is searching for information on whiz-bang widget doodles, you will be working for free.

In the popular area of “niche” marketing, it is wise to begin with what people are interested in, rather than what interests you. (Now, what interests you is important, because if you just work on something you have absolutely no interest in, you won’t stick with it for very long, especially if the going gets tough. So, you should look for some balance between these two things.)

Here are some places to begin your search of searches. Some have archives, which is helpful to get an idea of trends and long-term popularity.

Good luck and happy searching!

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