WP-Members™ 2.5.1 released, new users guide

WP-Members™ 2.5.1 has been released and is available for download here.  So far, the release has gone smoothly.  But as an incremental update, there are not major changes. 

There is also a new Users Guide.  It has been a long time coming, but I finally just sat down and wrote until it hurt.  It will continue to be revised and updated, but impatient users can continue to check the link below for ongoing updates.  This will eventually be a comprehensive guide to the plugin covering all of its features in detail.

Download WP-Members™ User Guide


  1. Miguel says

    Hi, the link to the user guide is broken! I was able to get it by taking out the “tm” from the link.

    • says

      Thanks for pointing that out Miguel – the content filter seems to be indiscriminate regarding links, I’ll need to update it.

  2. says

    Excellent plugin.
    And very well commented PHP code.
    Do I see a microscopic error on the sidebar? When a user is not logged in, there seems to be no line break break or paragraph end between “You are not currently logged in” and “username”
    is there a missing BR or P tag on line 92 of wp-members-sidebar.php ?
    PS.. I know very little PHP. It’s just that you’ve laid out the code so that even an idiot like me can understand it.
    PPS.. I saw this error in Safari. Perhaps it’s not an issue in other browsers.

    • says

      Hi Tom, thanks for the comment.

      Technically, it probably should be wrapped with something. I will say that it is strange that you are getting no break as the username is wrapped with a label tag. But how it displays has a lot of “depends” associated with it… depends on the CSS, the browser, the theme, etc… (and multiple combinations thereof).

      That piece is actually new code, so I’ll probably add something there in the next release to make it more flexible.

  3. says

    Well again thanks for your help on the WordPress forum. I love your program which is perfect for my not for profit retirement site, anyway I have a couple of questions and suggestions.

    I noticed that once someone registers they have access to the admin panel. I am not a programmer but was wondering if this a possible security problem, for someone to be able to access full admin somehow.

    Do you plan to have a subscription add on for paid subscribers. This could be something you could sell as an extra feature if necessary. This would be good for small sites that are slowly building up subscribers and may decide to go to a paid members in the future.

    Is there any way to be able to download names and email addresses for your own database.


    • says

      Hi Bob, thanks for the comments.

      When someone registers, they are actually assigned the default role. If you haven’t changed much in the way of your WP settings, this is more than likely “subscriber” (WP installs this as default, so unless you changed it, that’s what it would be). Any user with a role has a login that gives them access to the panel. But what they actually have in that panel depends largely on what a site admin gives them. Again, going back to the default, a subscriber basically has a limited dashboard and can update their information via the panel, but that is generally it. Dashboard access is does not mean admin access. Unless you assign the default role as administrator, no one is going to be able to get admin access that way.

      That’s the long answer. The short answer is that no, the user role is not a security problem, and because the plugin actually works WITH WordPress (there are a lot of plugins that actually try to reinvent the wheel), that actually makes it more secure because it is integrating its user roles and security with WP.

      Yes, there is a subscription add-on in development. It will have both time based expiration and payment integration. The time based expiration process is completed and I am working on the payment integration. This will probably be released as a premium add-on, so the plugin will remain free, but the there will be a minimal cost involved with the add on.

      There is a user export process built in. If you look under the WP User menu for WP-Members, you can export from that. You can export all users, or update the list view to show only those since the last export. It will generate a CSV with all of the user fields.

  4. says

    Chad it looks like you have all the bases covered let me know when you finalize premium add-on.

    Found the export function but for some reason it does not work. User ready to Export “Click Here” to generate and download CSV. I get blank screen with ” There was an error and no users were exported” message.

    I will examine further. Bob

  5. says

    Chad disregard last post figured out the problem. READ MANUAL I did not select the name to export just clicked export expecting all names to be exported.

    What you have got to look forward to when you retire, the brain goes first.


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