WP-Members™ 2.5.1 incremental update ready to go

I have prepared an incremental update to WP-Members™ that will wrap up some unfinished business from 2.5.0: 

  • Changed the “turn off registration” feature to still allow for a registration page. I get a lot of requests for how to remove the registration form from being inline replacing content to simply have a single registration page.  Personally, I prefer a minimal number of clicks and page loads.  But this plugin’s philosophy is to have multiple, flexible options for various scenarios.  I do also put credence in user requested features.
  • Specify registration page location. Similar to specifying the location of the members area page so that we can show the “forgot password” link anywhere the login shows up, this will add a “register” link next to the “forgot password” link.
  • New tableless forms. This is long overdue. The forms in the plugin were designed way back when Kubrick was the default theme and half the users of WP actually used it.  Little has changed since then – until now. These forms are much more customizable via CSS.
  • Toggle legacy forms. If you use the old forms and have some custom CSS for them, then you don’t have to switch over to the new tableless forms.  IMPORTANT NOTE: for upgrades, the install will default to the legacy forms.  If you want the tableless forms, you’ll need to change the setting.  New installs will default to the new forms.
  • Custom CSS. The new forms were designed around the twentyten theme.  Suppose that doesn’t integrate well with your theme. You can have your own stylesheet with specifications for the login, registration, sidebar, and dialog/error messages.  Specify the location of this stylesheet and it will load instead of the plugin’s default stylesheet (which you can use for reference).  IMPORTANT NOTE: don’t just add custom CSS to your theme’s stylesheet and then specify that as the location.  It will just end up loading twice.
  • Removed focus call in the reCAPTCHA that put the cursor focus immediately on the CAPTCHA.
  • Updated to wp_enqueue_script & _style for admin css and ajax.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Fixed some security issues.

Scheduled release: May 21.

Update 5/21: First, today’s release is still on, but a little delayed.  I put the finishing touches on some security fixes that I was only just alerted to.  I wanted to make certain that was included in this update.  (Thanks Conrad!)  Also, there were a couple of tweaks that I had to spend a significant (read: more than I planned) amount of time on to get to work right. I just need to finish testing in various upgrade scenarios, and will probably upload the final release some time this evening.


  1. Andy says

    Great Membership plugin… where do I find the registration shortcode to put into my registration page?

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