Upgrades always seem to go like this…

As I mentioned earlier, WP-Members has gained in complexity which makes releasing upgrades more complicated.  Case in point – I have realized that the toggle to force a settings override was left on (I was debugging checkbox support at the end of testing – a requested feature addition).

About the first 225 downloads were affected.  I corrected it 4/13/2011 around 9:10 US Central Time.

If you updated before that, you may want to double check your settings.  (If you use the default install settings, you may not even notice.)

To correct this without redownloading/reinstalling, edit $chk_force in wp-members-install.php to be:

$chk_force = false;


  1. says

    I upgraded from 2.3.2 to 2.5.0 on this cycling team site, and while members could still log in to the WP admin panel using the sidebar widget, they were greeted as “guest” on the Mingle Forum page. So somehow their credentials are not being passed to the forum

    I checked the wp-members-install file after reading this post and $chk_force is already set to false.

    I had to roll back to version 2.3.2 so the team members could use the forum without having to go to wp-login. Hey, they’re cyclists, not web nerds.

    Have you heard of any other problems with Mingle Forum?

    Thanks ever so muchly.

  2. says

    Hi Pat
    That seems odd, since I would assume that Mingle Forum uses the wp login credentials. Also, I don’t think there were any changes that would have effected the login process.

    I will take a look at Mingle Forum this week and try it out (I haven’t used it). That way I can see how it works within the WP construct and then I can give you a more informed answer.

  3. Ted says

    The install, upgrade, etc. is all working. However, the registration approval email is showing the login as the WordPress address and not the Site address. Since I have WP in a different directory this is posing a problem. This is a relative new site and I am not sure if the problem is related to the upgrade or was like this before. However, I just started receiving complaints after the upgrade. wp-members-install.php shows that $chk_force = false. Any ideas how to correct?

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      Thanks Ted for the comments. I hope the following is helpful.

      The email for approved registrations (when registrations are moderated) uses WP get_option with the siteurl parameter. This is in wp-members-email.php line 66.

      In the WP general settings, there are two settings for your URLs, WordPress address and site address. The site address value is the siteurl parameter. The WordPress address is the parameter home. If this is what you want, you can change the parameter at the above mention line to ‘home’.

      I may look into changing this permanently to ‘home’ but will need to think about it in terms of how it will effect the bulk of users. My initial thoughts are that it probably does make more sense to set it to ‘home’. (I am working on some a more manageable and sophisticated email process in future releases, so this may become moot anyway.)

  4. Ted says

    Thanks! That corrected the problem! Looking forward to seeing the “more manageable and sophisticated email process”. Sounds intriguing!

  5. says

    Spontaneous bugs are so frustrating, but I’ve got one that cropped up over the weekend (along with all of the pollen and allergies). Global settings are to protect all posts. For this site, pre-authorized users log in to take a test (using WordPress Simple Survey). Upon completion of the test, they are automatically routed to one of two posts: the “you passed” post or the “you need to retake” post. Today, the site is asking them to log in when they access the post that contains the test (as it should) but then asking them to log in again before it will display the pass or retake post (which it shouldn’t). It will accept anything (junk) in the userid and password fields and then display the correct page.

    Thoughts on why it isn’t maintaining their login status? It works flawlessly through Friday (the last time I was on the site). The error happens in FF and Safari.

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      Hi Becky… Have you recently upgraded anything (WP, theme, WP-Members, other plugins)? If it is having issues maintaining login state, it sounds like a cookie issue. WP-Members uses the native WP login cookies. You should be seeing a cookie being set that is “wordpress_logged_in_” and a hash. If not, let me know – contact me directly via the contact form.

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