At long last

I am finally ready to release WP-Members version 2.5.0 as a production release.  This release represents many months of work moving from version 2.3.2.  There are many new features, and as such, it required a lot of testing and debugging.  As this plugin has grown in features, it has also grown in complexity.  This makes each new release much more complicated than before, as I try to make sure that as many upgrade scenarios are accounted for.

Here is a list of changes since 2.3.2:

New Features

  • added reCAPTCHA support for registration
  • added Terms of Service (TOS) checkbox and popup
  • added shortcode support for members area and register pages
  • added custom user management panel for bulk user edits
  • added user list export
  • localization support (beginning)
  • contextual help in admin panels (beginning)
  • added shortcode support for login only page
  • added support for checkboxes in the registration fields
  • added setting for members area/settings page url (so we can have “forgot password” link anywhere)
  • added a “change your password” link in the email if members area/settings page url is set

Code Improvements

  • updated the registration process so that unused fields are not put into the user_meta table
  • updated emails for moderated registration to send user the url they signed up on
  • capture user’s IP address at registration
  • sets logged in admin as activated (prevents admin from accidentally being locked out)
  • added toggle to force clean install of settings
  • improvements to uninstall process

Bug Fixes

  • added stripslashes to dialogs (accommodates the use of apostrophes/quotation marks)
  • fixed sidebar login for non-widget use (bug from 2.3.x)
  • corrected a bug introduced in the 2.3.x widget update that caused the widget to be undraggable in certain instances

WP-Members 2.5.0 is available here


  1. emon says

    Please help me
    you mentioned. we can have “forgot password” link anywhere. but how to implement that on a particular page? or what would be the page url?


    • says

      emon – I should be more specific. The “forgot password” link will show below the login form in the page body if you have specified the location of the members area/settings page in the plugin options. (In the next release, scheduled as 2.5.1, this will also show in the sidebar widget as well as having the addition of a register link.)

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