WP-Members™ new feature release update

1.1.11 Update: WP-Members™ 2.4.0 beta release 4 has been released and is available here. Be sure to read the release notes before using. Also – there is a .pot file for translators.  If you are working on a translation, be sure to let me know.

Well, I think I have reached a point where I am going to close the development version of WP-Members™ to new features for this cycle.  I’ve got a few things that I am still working on that I will put off to a future upgrade – they’re not that big a deal for now.  In the meantime, I think we’ve got a pretty good release package that I need to start testing.  Also, I need to get it out to the potential translators as we will be adding localization this time around.

I haven’t made a final decision, but I think this release will be 3.0.  There are enough changes this time around to launch us to a completely new version (at least, I think so).  This version will support a series of add-on modules that I am working on, the first of which is a time based trial/subscription cycle.  Also, this version will be easier to customize once complete.  There are some kinks to work out on that end yet, but once that’s worked out, you’ll be able to manage a customization file rather than hacking the plugin.  This should make upgrading easier for those that work in customizations.  I know there are quite a few developers that use this for clients and thus put in little customizations here and there (mostly with display/look-and-feel).  This should make your life easier and encourage upgrading to the latest version.

I know I’ve mentioned some of the other features for this release before, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat in case I missed something.  The new version includes:

  • reCAPTCHA for initial registration
  • Agree to Terms of Service (TOS) field (This will have it’s own link of a popup of the TOS text you define. Also, I’ve added it in such a way that if you already have users, if you add the TOS to the registration, any existing users will need to agree to the TOS before updating their registration info.  Currently, this does not include an option to force existing users to agree before logging in again, just before updating their registration info.)
  • Shortcode to create the “Members Area” and “Registration” pages.  (This will still support the legacy <!–members-area–> and <!–reg-area–> as well, but I may eventually deprecate those.  Development of the shortcode will progress in new versions to give greater flexibility with these pages.)
  • Contextual help in the admin pages – any admin pages that have settings or features for WP-Members™ will now have contextual help in the WP admin help pull-down (that nifty little pull-down at the upper right of the WP admin, for those of you who haven’t noticed it before).
  • Custom user management under the “Users” menu in the admin – this allows for the bulk management of users as well as the addition of a user export feature (exports any selected users as a CSV file).
  • The email process now includes a backlink to the page the user registered on (as well as the original link to the site).  This should be helpful for those that use moderated registration so the user can find their way back to the content that got them to register in the first place.
  • The IP of the user is now captured at registration.  Some plugin users have requested this as they keep a “ban” list.  It may also help in the future for user data management.
  • Improvement of the activation process for moderated registrations has been added to avoid the admin from activating themselves and thus resetting their password and locking them out.  I have to admit no one asked for this feature so I must be the only one that has accidentally done this ;-) (or at least I’m the only one admitting to it)
  • Added a code toggle in the install file to force a clean install of all settings.  While you should use caution when doing this, it should make custom installs a bit easier.
  • Improved the uninstall process to make sure we clean up all options.
  • Added the stripslashes bug fix
  • Fixed the sidebar bug from 2.3.x
  • Changed the registration process to not add usermeta for unused custom fields (although WP does do this with its own fields).

All of this in the 2.4.0 beta release 4 which will be uploaded sometime tonight.  It will be available for public use on 1.1.11 (I wanted to work that date in somewhere) by going to http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-members/download/ and selecting 2.4.0. Double check the main file header or the plugin admin page to make sure you have public beta version 4.

While I only try to release stable versions into the wild, remember this is beta software.  If you use it in a production environment, you do so at your own peril.  I will have a notes.txt file included that will outline the use of any new features.  While priority support is for translators and financial supporters of the plugin, if you notice a bug please let me know.


  1. Andrew Scott says

    Hi, I’m currently working to migrate an existing CMS based site to WordPress – I’m going to use WP-Members but what I also need is a simple ‘address book’ function. I just need to display a searchable list of WP members on a page.

    Suggestions? (I don’t think this is built in to WP-Members is it?)

    Thanks in advance

    • says

      Hi Andrew – While WP-Members does not have the funcationality you describe built in, because it uses the native WP database for storing member information, it should be compatible with other plugins or processes that might do that (although if you are using the custom fields, you might have to make some modifications to incorporate them). Hope that helps.

  2. says

    In my WP Users interface I see “subscribers” but no members. How can tell who are site subscribers who registered to be able to leave comments, versus people who used WP-Members? Are they all “members” by definition?

    Great plugin, I just don’t understand it all yet.


    • says


      Thanks for commenting. Yes, they would all be “members” – WP-Members registers users as whatever you have set as the default user role in the WP settings. I would suggest leaving this as “subscribers” as that role has no real capabilities where higher roles do. (alternatively, you could use a role manager plugin to handle changing role capabilities) If you follow the recommended setup process, you wouldn’t have users registering separately to comment separate from registering for content access. If fact, they won’t be able to see comments on protected content unless they are already registered and logged in.

      As far as exporting the list of users, yes, you can do this in 2.4, which is presently a stable public beta release available here.

    • says

      Hi Tamara – yes, actually I am working on a subscription system that has a trial, subscription, expiration, and payment. It will likely be released as a premium add-on module to the main plugin, although I have not totally made a determination yet. No ETA on a release date yet, but it is mostly complete – just working on some debugging issues.

  3. says

    Hi! Firstly great plugin. I just have a really simple question and you may have already noted this somewhere. But with the registration page, how do I modify the fields that I require my members to fill in?

  4. says

    I´m start using your WP-Members plugin and translating the plugin to Italian as well. We could talk by email for details.

    Leonardo Agostini

  5. jack says


    i’ve installed wp-members on a site but am receiving complaints that people have forgotten their login details, is there any chance that you have or were planning to integrate a username or password reminder function that is sent to a members email? if not would you consider customizing the site in question for a fee

    many thanks, jack

    • says

      Hi Jack – thanks for your comments. There is actually a “forgot password” link to a password reset process as part of the members area. In previous versions and for various reasons, the link for this only dynamically appeared on the login for the members areas. I haven’t had a chance to rewrite all of the documentation for the 2.5 release, but in 2.5, I added an option for you to put in the URL to the members area page as part of the plugin settings. If you enter the members area URL in this option, the plugin will display the “forgot password” link in the main body login box. Hope that helps.

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