Update on WP-Members™ New Feature Release

I have been working feverishly on some new features for the WP-Members™ plugin.  (Read my initial announcement.)

I am getting close to having a true release candidate ready, but will probably allow for some additional beta testing.  This release is going to (HOPEFULLY) be a launchpad for a verion 3.0 release which will take the plugin to the next level.  But until then, here are some of the new features that are completed and will included in the upcoming feature release:

New Features:

  • reCAPTCHA option for registration
  • Shortcode for members area and register pages
  • Contextual help in WP admin panels
  • Custom admin panel for bulk user management: user export, activation, etc.

Code Improvement:

  • Cleaned email process to include link back to the page a user registered on
  • Capture user’s IP at registration

Bug Fixes:

  • added stripslashes to dialogs
  • Fixed sidebar bug
  • changed registration, update, and admin update to not write unused custom fields to the DB (WP actually does do this with its own fields)

I have also completed the framework for an add-on module that will allow for time-based user expiration (both trials and subscription periods).  The support framework will be included in the new release so that the add-on can be plugged in later.  I have not decided if this will be released as a premium add-on or not… Honestly, I am leading towards making it a premium product.  If I do go that direction, I will make allowances for those that have financially supported this project to receive this free of charge.

Other things in the pipeline include adding an agree to Terms of Service checkbox option for the registration, easier field customization, ability to tag notes to user data, and a few other things.  As always, feel free to make suggestions.  Most of the current list of upgrades was the result of suggestions from users.  You never know, your suggestion may make it in to the next release.


  1. says

    Nice work Chad, this plugin is so neat. It’s opening up so many options. The time based expiration sounds intruiging. Will it work with levels?, I use Justin Tadlocks “Members”, and I have a group called “Agents” (custom), would love to have a plugin that revoked role back to registered if they didn’t resubscribe. (also, this is an excellent method for automated auditing of levels). Definitely have it as a paid subscription, a) to give something back to you, and B) make the core system lighter.

    My only suggestion is to possibly make the “Country field” a drop down array, but as you said, and seeing your method, probably not practical.

    Anyhow, GREAT work!

  2. says

    I currently have about 2500 member on my site using wishlist. No happy with with wishtlist. would like to convert them to your plug in.

    I would need 2 things
    1. Can I use the same usernames and passwords and move them into your plug in without recurring a new sign up.

    2. Anyway to integrate the sign up form with getresponse. My users get access to free content if they sign up for the newsletter. I would like to manage the free content with your plugin.

    • says

      For converting the users – it depends on how wishlist stores the users. If it uses the existing (built-in) WP user table (_users), then it should be nearly automatic. For their additional data, WP (and WP-Members) stores this in the user_meta table. Not sure how Wishlist handles this, so that would be a consideration.

      I’m not positive on how getresponse would integrate, but I’ll look into it.

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