WP-Members™ ™ 2.3.2 Bug Fix – Apostrophe/Quotation marks in dialogs

Following the release of WP-Members™ 2.3.2, there was a bug brought to my attention by an astute user:

If you are using apostrophes in the custom dialog messages via the plugin’s admin panel, there will be slashes put into your content as the plugin neglects to clean up user input with “stripslashes.”  This bug actually effects all releases from 2.2.0 on to 2.3.2.

This has been address in my next release (which will include bug fixes, but will also be a feature release as we add CAPTCHA).  In the meantime, if it effects you, you can make some simple changes to correct it:

Change line 28 of wp-members-dialogs.php from:

<?php echo $wpmem_dialogs[0]; ?>


<?php echo stripslashes($wpmem_dialogs[0]); ?>

Change line 195 of wp-member-admin.php from:

<textarea id="" name="<?php echo " rows="3" cols="50"><?php echo $wpmem_dialogs[$row]; ?></textarea>


<textarea id="" name="<?php echo " rows="3" cols="50"><?php echo stripslashes($wpmem_dialogs[$row]); ?></textarea>

Hope this helps.


  1. says

    I can’t seem to add the WP Members sidebar. I’ve tried using the code and when I do that I get a fatal error or nothing at all. I can’t add the widget at all.

  2. says

    I can’t add the WP Members Widget to show if the user is logged in. Nothing happens when I try to add it to the sidebar. I have tried to enter the code into text and the same things happens. Could the code be wrong?

    • says

      Hi Kevin, Thanks for commenting. Hopefully, I can answer your questions and get you going.

      First – the email process is handled by the native WP function wp_mail. If there is an issue with users receiving the email, it’s not a problem with the plugin. You could possibly find some insight on the wordpress.org forums for wp_mail.

      Second – the sidebar is a twofold answer. First – there are no known bugs with the widget. However, there were some changes implemented beginning in WP-Members 2.3.0 that are not compatible with WP 2.9 and earlier. If you are using WP 2.9, I would suggest upgrading to 3.0. Alternatively, you could use an earlier version of WP-Members.

      There is a bug that was recently pointed out regarding calling the sidebar login manually using wpmem_inc_sidebar();. I’ll be posting a fix on the blog and also in the wordpress.org forums shortly. Also, it is being addressed in the next release. The short-term fix is to add an include statement to the wp-members.php file. At the end (but before the php closing tag), add:


      That should get you going with the manual sidebar login status.

      Hope this helps.

  3. pelandro says

    I would like to have access to the site ——-.com: this site requires WP-Members. In which way have I to proceed?
    Thank you for your answer and instruction

    • says

      pelandro – first off, i’m not really sure what you are asking for – help with the plugin or access to the site. Second, the site you are asking for assistance for appears to be an adult site, which by matter of principle, I cannot help you with.

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